HometechnologyThe Pitchbook's Emerging Technology Indicator Reports Shows the Q3 deal value is...

The Pitchbook’s Emerging Technology Indicator Reports Shows the Q3 deal value is down

The latest report from Pitchbook, the emerging Technology Indicator (ETI) revealed that the Q3 2022 deals across 30 segments of technology was down and fell for the third straight quarter. Value of deals was at $4.7 billion in 153 transactions, which represented an increase of 32% over the previous quarter ($6.9 billion spread across 244 deals) and 52% lower over 1Q ($9.8 billion across the 275 deals).

The segments of technology which were included in the report include Web3 as well as decentralized financial ($878.9 million in 24 agreements); Fintech ($737.4 million in 24 transactions); Biotech ($725.8 million across 11 deals ); Proptech ($426.2 million in 5 deals) along with AI (AI) as well as machine-learning ($204 million in 8 deals.)

The Dr. Angeli Moller, Alliance for Artificial Intelligence Vice-chair and Roche the Head of Digital Integrations Generating Insight at Roche is of the opinion that in the realm of AI or machine learning there’s a huge impact that needs to be achieved.

“Driven by a greater awareness of the devastation to human health and economic consequences of a pandemic that is spreading across the globe, I am expecting the investment on AI as well as machine-learning will significantly affect remote, quick automated, cost-effective screening of infectious disease by 2023,”” Moller said. Moller.

Rafael Rosengarten, CEO of Genialis claims Genialis believes that AI as well as machine learning plays a major role in helping us get towards outcomes-based health care. “We believe this will occur by combining better-designed medicines, as well as more reliable and widely-applicable tests,” said Rosengarten.


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