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Flower Photography: Step-by-Step Guide

Sometimes the definition of a word doesn’t define what it is. The definition for photography is the art, and application of creating durable images by recording light. While technically correct, so much is left out of that definition. What is the best way to photograph flowers? 

Taking photographs of flowers will require the correct lighting conditions, the proper location, and experimentation. Adding your own style can help showcase your creativity. 

Below we will cover some of the basic steps you can use to take the best pictures of flowers. 

Pick your Subject

It may be easy to just go outside and just start taking pictures of random flowers you may see but you probably will not get the best results. Unless you strategically plan when you will shoot the flower the lighting probably will not be correct. 

Finding a cut flower at a grocery store or flower shop will allow you to create the perfect conditions and angles to get the best shots of the flower. 

Location, Location, Location

Flowers can be an easy subject to shoot because they are light and portable. They are easy to set up in the proper location with the correct lighting and background. Choosing a simple background can help showcase the flower you are shooting. 

Solid white or black backgrounds can be used to contrast the shapes and colors of the flower to make it almost jump off the screen. 

Lighting is Everything

You need the perfect lighting to take the perfect picture. If it is natural lighting or lighting you have set up, you will not be able to fully capture your subject without it. Shooting during the golden hour with the light behind your flowers will give you the best results in outdoor lighting. 

When you first start photographing flowers, pay the most attention to lighting. Don’t be afraid to experiment with light placement to find what will give you the best results. 

Adding Style

Styling your photograph can be the best way to show your creative side when shooting flowers. There is no right way or wrong way to add style to your personal style. You can add multiple flowers, filler, and other elements to help fill out the photograph or keep it as simple as you want. 

The Picture 

All the planning and setup led us to this moment. It has been all about getting the right shot and that time is now. Take plenty of pictures, and get creative as you take them. Use multiple angles, move closer or further away, and be mindful of the background.  

You can really express your creativity when you are shooting. Creating depth and changing the focal point can help bring out different aspects of the flower and help you achieve something you didn’t see at first.


Getting the right picture rarely happens by chance and will require setup and planning. Location and lighting will be the keys to getting the correct pictures, but your creativity is what will make your photographs stand out. 


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