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French fintech Libeo introduces a its new brand identity following the raising of EUR20m in February

Libeo is a French fintech startup that was created just 2 years ago, by bank experienced Pierre Dutaret and co-founders Jeremy Attuil and Pierre-Antoine Glandier. Since then the company has processed more than EUR 100 million in transactions and has attracted over 100,000 users using its platform.

With a focus on the SME market, Libeo has created a simple solution for manage receivables and accounts payable with key features such as digital invoices, one-click non-IBAN payments, as well as monitor cash flow.

Following its huge success in the last two years, and following the most recent Euro 20m Series A round, Libeo is now on the road to scaling with the introduction of an entirely new and completely updated branding identity.

The bolder, more vibrant colours of the 70s as well as motion-based graphics are but one of Life’s latest branding assets. For more information and to get an inside look at the latest rebranding effort of the company We spoke with Amandine Moreau, the head for Corporate Marketing and Comms at Libeo who has been responsible for the initiative. Read Amandine’s full interview below.

What does the brand new Libeo brand represent? What are the Libeo brand’s most distinctive characteristics?

Since its inception in 2019, Libeo has been the top European B2B payments specialist. Libeo’s new name represents the trust among business partners that are established by Libeo.

Through its solutions, Libeo has been able to overcome the challenges related to the management of financial transactions between companies and has been one of the European market leaders thanks to the growth of the network of more than 100,000 interconnected businesses. By leveraging its technological strengths We are planning to extend Libeo’s services by introducing new features and be the first interconnected trust hub designed for medium and small-sized companies.

This desire for interconnection, which was clearly expressed by our clients right from the beginning, required to be reflected appropriately in our marketing and branding and led to the change in branding.

Libeo’s brand has been enriched by the following essential characteristics:

  • Brighter, new and more striking colours . Orange as well as Green. We wanted to be part of the world of payments, however stand out.
  • A 70s-inspired mindset Libros brand new designs are inspired by the funky 70s style , with earthy hues and striking colours like burnt orange and avocado green along with vibrant pop art creating a feeling of warmth and love that reflects our slogan: “Business payments with peace and love”.
  • A brand new mascot for the brand has been introduced. A hand animated symbolising the assistance offered to entrepreneurs, regardless of whether they’re shopkeepers, restaurant owners or the managers of small firms, was also made the branding mascot.

Overall, in Libeo’s brand new brand identity We wanted to concentrate on the human element and mutual assistance between business and professional.

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What made you choose to change your brand name in the in the first in the first

Libeo is moving into a new phase, following the trend that our customers have been bringing within our company. This is reflected in three development axes:

  • The range of services we offer is expanding with new services. We are able to integrate collection systems, and the ability of following them, and to establish an appropriate dunning policy, or the possibility of paying in foreign currencies that has a control over the rates.
  • We would like to get to better understand our customers.
  • Based on these advantages, our aim is to take on new markets. We are currently preparing to enter the UK as well as additional European markets.

We also had a drive to distinguish ourselves from rivals.

Did you encounter any difficulties in the process of rebranding? If so, which ones were they and how did you solve them?

We received interesting and varied opinions from beta testers. This is definitely something we needed to consider. The idea of introducing just a few B2C coupons into the B2B market is still bold. Consider well-known international brands like Salesforce, Prestashop, or Alan. They all created strong brands through their branding. This is precisely what we’re hoping to achieve through Libeo’s brand new branding.

Do you have some insight into the general branding campaign? How do you approach your marketing strategy? What’s your top marketing challenge?

After a complete overhaul of our existing assets, we plan to make use of this new identity to be more in touch with our customers on the other hand, and also to connect and connect with more entrepreneurs however, on the other hand.

With more than 100 000 companies using the platform up to now we’ve been able to effectively increase our proposition of value, modify our messages and determine our most significant distribution channels.

It’s hard to summarise each of our future projects in a single priority but building our management team and creating an effective marketing team to be a part of our international expansion are the most important.

Have you shared the changes to your current customers and made sure they’re aligned with the vision you have for them?

It was an “step-by-step procedure”. We began with several beta testers prior to pushing on the “ON” button for all of our users. We shared our goals and our innovative strategies via traditional channels for marketing like an email by our CEO.

The majority of the feedback we received was extremely positive. That was enough to go ahead with the launch since we know how difficult it is to get all of the people involved in the subject of a project.

Each aspect of this identity has been carefully thought-through and we have tried to avoid subjectivity while remaining consistent.

What’s the next move for Libeo?

We’re planning on consolidating and implementing our promise to build connections and be an ideal platform for professional relationships through the introduction of a number that will include new offerings.

Of course, we’ll be watching the payment control and immediate exchange services offered by market leaders in the consumer space (WhatsApp, Revolut, Lydia and others.) to get ideas to develop a new model of professional-grade payment services which combine security regulations and social networks.


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