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Pretty Hurts: We attempted the brand new splendor-judging app so that you do not have to

Gone are the times wherein you want Instagram fans and your Mom to inform you the way precise searching you are.

Enter prettyscale.com. It’s a internet site/laptop generated shallowness crusher that does precisely what the call suggests: it measures your prettiness on a scale of 1-100. And how does it do that? Here’s what the internet site claims:

“PrettyScale measures face splendor via means of reading and checking out the position and sizes of various face features. The consequences are primarily based totally on the face shape, distance among eyes and lips, mouth length and face symmetry.”

Symmetry. Got it. A easy math equation to inform you the way quite you are. What ought to pass incorrect? Aren’t you curious to realize your rating? I turned into. Naturally I attempted it… in admittedly the maximum unnatural manner possible. I made positive I turned into easy shaven, hair simply proper. Then, approximately 20 snaps later the use of smooth lights and cautious cropping, I turned into prepared to add my first-class selfie. I turned into pretty happy with myself while the web page gave me an 88%: certified “quite“. If handiest the human beings in excessive faculty who used to realize me with braces and cystic zits ought to see me now.

To my surprise, the webweb page does not JUST let you know if you are quiet or ugly, it is going into the element via means of listing off the matters which are proper and incorrect together with your face. For example, seemingly I actually have a “regular brow length” — fortunate me!

But, like maximum matters in life, prettyscale.com will construct you up, handiest to rip you down. My laptop turned into unexpectedly judging me for my “small chin” and “terrible face symmetry”. Oh. They even spotlight your flaws in ambition to make sure you might not omit them. Pretty certainly does hurt. Anxiety without delay kicked in and I attempted re-importing extra pictures to restore my rating (for the sole motive of sharing it in this article, of course). But my percent handiest was worse. It’s just like the internet site turned directly into my scheme.

So what occurs now when you have a complicated approximately small chin and wonk-eye? Nothing. Because you had been warned with a frightening disclaimer even as your image uploads.

“If you’ve got low-self confidence or/and self belief issues, please do not take the test anymore.” See, I had my threat to show back. So, like in maximum situations, I refused to head down alone. I think it might be humorous to share this with my pals. But study from me… that may be a terrible idea. Even when you have the first-class searching pals withinside the world, any rating given to them that they are not glad with WILL be your fault. They WILL blame you for his or her negative symmetry and 62�ce.

So, to make all and sundry sense higher approximately themselves, it has become my aim to show that this internet site isn’t an actual indication of the way lovely everybody is. I am determined to add the face of 2017’s Most Beautiful Woman in step with People mag: Julia Roberts. This turned into her 5th time receiving the title, I figured she would not think of gambling guinea pigs. The mag publishes an annual issue, listing their picks. And as you may see below, it includes “fifty two pages of beauties.”

Shockingly, she was given a 74% — only aprecise searching” ranking, now no longer even “quite“. I’m angry with her. She turned into additionally torn aside on her “face evaluation report”…

Apparently her nostril is just too long, her mouth is just too wide, and her chin is too big. Their words, now no longer mine. But on the brilliant side, she DOES have a regular sized brow (she’s in first-rate company). That has to assist her sleep at night. So withinside the end, we are left with options: either I’m prettier than Julia Roberts, or this internet site is only a joke. I’ll permit you to decide.


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