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stanley steemer vs chem dry

One of the things that make the home cleaning service acceptable to customers is that it is executed by a certified cleaning service provider. There are a variety of companies operating who offer services for home cleaning, and most of them have proved to be efficient in satisfying their clients. A few of the most reliable businesses include Stanley Steemer and Chem Dry. These two companies are connected with their services. Continue reading to find out which two firms provide the best service thus far. Let’s discover Stanley Steemer Vs Chem Dry – Which is the better choice?

Stanley Steemer and Chem-Dry have both proved to be trustworthy in the business of cleaning by examining a variety of factors, including the quality of their products, costs as well as cleaning methods, and many more. The best method to determine which one that offers the best service is to try both and making your final decision based on the results.

About Stanley Steemer and ChemDry

Stanley Steemer is an American carpet cleaning company. the US. The company was established around 1947 and was founded by Jack A. Bates. Other services provided through Stanley Steemer include; upholstery air ducts, wood and clean up of tile. To offer quick and reliable service to its customers, Stanley formed different franchises that work with numerous businesses across the state. Stanley services are available across 49 states of the US.

The company is owned of Harris Research Inc. Chem-Dry is among the top businesses in the cleansing services business. The company concentrates exclusively on rug and upholstery cleaning across 42 countries. For a more efficient business model, Chem-Dry partnered with local firms to launch franchises in a number of places. At present, the company owns around 3,500 franchise units. Chem-Dry is able to establish itself as a major player on the American cleaning services sector. One of the main competitors to Chem-Dry can be Stanley Steemer.

Differentialities Between Stanley Steemer and Chem Dry

Before we determine the company with the best cleaning services between Stanley and Chem Let’s look at the difference in their service;

Product System design

The technology used in the devices is among the aspects that makes these devices stand out. To use Stanley Steemer, a wand is linked with the machine. This is device that allows the user to begin the cleaning process. Chem-Dry, on the other hand is designed to remove carbonation from the surface. Comparatively to Stanley the dry system of Chem has higher marks for the its user-friendliness for consumers.

Product Pressure Application

A great cleaning machine is one that can function without placing too much stress on it. In order for a device to get rid of dirt from carpet, it must have an ability to rotate; a rotating function removes and cleans away dirt, wetness and other items that can cause harm to the rug. Chem-Dry comes equipped with a rotating brush. A rotating brush included within the device aids in raising the pressure and making the surface to dry more quickly. To apply pressure to Stanley Steemer, you will require your hands in order to apply pressure while you use the tool.

Company operations

Concerning the efficiency of operations particularly in relation to the development of franchises, Chem-Dry has a better marketing strategy for its brand. Chem-Dry is a cleaning business with many franchises operating under the brand name. The fame of Chem-Dry brand in a variety of locations , both within and outside of the US is a one-stop shop for cleaning services. Since the name of the brand is everywhere and can be remembered by clients.


To ensure their usability, both products have different instructions for how they work, and different things that can be added to improve their performance Chem-Dry is equipped with tanks that aid in controlling the amount of water that gets sprayed onto the area to be cleaned. If the tank hadn’t been specifically designed to control the water flow and the rug or carpet could end up becoming too wet, resulting in drying times that are longer. Contrary to Chem-Dry Stanley Steemer was not designed with tanks and therefore, can’t be used with a tank. In order to regulate water levels when using the steemer cleanse a surface it is necessary to use a manual procedure.

Drying time

Chem-Dry is able to dry surfaces faster as the Stanley Steemer. While Stanley Steemer comes with a function that assists in removing the water on surfaces but the process can be a lengthy one. The device doesn’t have enough pressure to aid in making drying speedier. Chem-Dry however offers a quicker and more efficient drying process. It has carbonation extraction technology that helps it dry faster with the help of blowing air hot. However, it is best to be careful not to overuse your Chem-Dry if it isn’t able to provide enough power to prevent damaging the device.

Odor and urine elimination

Stanley Steemer was designed to assist in almost all tasks that Chem-Dry can perform including removing odor and urine from your pet. Chem-Dry is able to eliminate urine quicker, it’s simple pet owners opt for Chem. For example, if the dog pees in the rug, you can utilize Chem-Dry for the removal of urine. Other odors that are offensive can be identified and eliminated using Chem’s.

Maintenance costs

If you take a look at the maintenance requirements for the two devices for cleaning you’ll see that one is less expensive in comparison to the second. Chem Dry’s added features make it easy to maintain since the quality is still there even after many years. Contrary to Chem, Stanley has a price for maintenance that is high; aside of the initial purchase price and the purchase price, you’ll have to cover some costs to try to keep the service. Chem’s Dry, however, doesn’t require any type of additional charges following the purchase. With the maintenance costs of Chem-Dry to be positive it’s easier to convince customers to use Chem-Dry in order to use their service of cleaning.


In terms of pricing for both services, prices will be determined by various aspects, including the type of service, time of service, the place of service dimension of the carpet kind of carpet material, and many more. All of these variables will determine which one of the options offers the lowest cost. Don’t worry, prior to the price being increased you will be notified via email

Return policy

Like many stores that sell these two items, they have policies for returning the item in case it is necessary to return the item or refund or exchange. In the case of Stanley Steemer, you are only required to return the product when you aren’t satisfied with the services provided within 10 days from the time you were contacted by the assistance of the team. It is your responsibility to describe the issue in detail prior to a replacement or refund will be made for you. The Chem-Dry return policy provides that customers are entitled to ask for a refund or alternative service in the event that the service didn’t meet the expectations of the customer so provided that it occurs within 30 days of the date of the payment.

Similarities in Stanley Steemer and Chem-Dry

Similar to Stanley Steemer and Chem-Dry include;

Excellent carpet cleaners.

Both brands provide excellent cleaning services. All you need to do is to call them and arrange an appointment. While Chem-Dry is known for having excellent tools that are used with this particular service Stanley Steemers might be in a position to allow users to utilize their personnel in order to be competitive with well developed Chem-Dry and the reason for developing the service wasn’t to compete to have the top equipment, but the aim was to make customers content with the services offered by the company.

Both are user-friendly.

In terms of usability The two cleaning services are very clear in their instructions for getting the job done. they are equipped with a system that will allow for a quick and efficient cleaning. The equipment is easy to comprehend and are accessible to anyone.


The two brands recognize that customer service is a crucial factor service delivery. That’s why Chem-Dry and Stanley Steemer allowed an assurance program to help customers achieve the highest level of satisfaction in their services for cleaning. If customers notice any problems regarding the service are able to make contact with the company for a reimbursement or adjustments after a period of time. For Stanley Steemer guarantees, they are valid for 10 days following service. Chem-Dry’s guarantees allow customers to ask for a refund for a refund within the first 30 days after service.


Stanley Steemer and Chem-Dry are included among the companies that provide the finest cleaning services for clients in the United States. Thanks to the ingenuity of different operating strategies employed by Chem-Dry its expansion has been faster throughout the world, both within and outside of the States. Before deciding which one has the best cleaning service it is important to examine the aspects described in this article.


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