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How to remove the Headphone symbol in Redmi Smartphones

A number of users have been complaining about the headphone icon from Redmi phones that are locked in the headphone display. This means that the headphone symbol shows up in the notification bar on the phone’s display . This can be frustrating as it won’t let users talk to others on a call without turning on the loudspeaker of the phone.

The problem with headphones on Redmi phones stuck in headphone mode is not limited to a specific type or model of Redmi phones. It happens to all series of the company, as well as Xiaomi Mi and Mi phones.

But, it’s not a huge issue and not all Redmi user will experience the issue on their phones. Let’s take a look at some simple suggestions and tricks that you can apply at home to solve the issue with headphone mode on your Redmi phones.

What is the reason why Android devices become stuck in Headphone Mode

When you connect a headset to an Android tablet or smartphone it automatically recognizes the device that is connected and switches to headphone mode. However, there are instances where your device becomes stuck in the headphone state (the headphone symbol is constantly displayed in the notification bar on your device) even after you’ve removed the headphone.

In this case it stops playing when you take the headphone out. The media won’t be played again unless you insert the headphone back into. There’s also the headphone icon on upper right of your screen signalling that the device remains in headphone mode despite headphones off.

To get your device out of headphones may require a mix of resolutions for software and hardware. The reason for this is that the issue may be caused by a combination of issues with software and hardware like:

How to remove the Headphone symbol from Redmi Smartphones

Here are a few ways to correct the headphone icon on Redmi and Xiaomi tablets and smartphones.

  1. Clean the headphone port.
  2. Plug in your headphone and then pull the connector into your phone.
  3. Change the settings on your phone.
  4. Restart/Reboot your device
  5. Reset your device

Pure Headphone Jack Port

Just grab an earbud or toothpick and gently plug it into your phone’s 3.5mm headphone jack port . This will get it clean. But, make sure to turn off your phone before making use of this method.

Plug in and Connect Your Headphone Jack

If the previous method did not resolve the issue You should remove your headphone, put them in the jack, then swiftly remove it. You’ll need to do the procedure several times until it solves the headphone symbol issue. You must be careful when you practice this trick to avoid damaging your device’s headphone connector.

Change the phone’s settings

If all the methods mentioned above did not resolve the issue there is a second solution that you could try. Unplug the headphone , if it is connected in the first steps:

  1. Go to your phone’s settings.
  2. Select ‘ Sound and Vibration and Vibration’ as well as ‘ Additional Settings and then go to” Sound Settings.
  3. You must now choose the type of headphone you want from the options.
  4. Then, connect the headphone to the jack, and then take it out of the headphone from. It is possible to hold it for a couple of seconds, then verify if the headphone icon disappears.

Notification: If the headphone icon remains visible in the notification bar connect the headphone to your computer and select a different headphone type.

Start or reboot Your Device

Sometimes, rebooting your device is the best way to solve a few minor issues. I suggest that to reboot or restart your device to see if the problem with the headphone symbol is resolved or not. If it is not, you can go to the solution to resolve the problem. Here’s how you can restart your phone:

  1. Remove the headphone gently from the device.
  2. After that, hold to power until you are presented with the power menu.
  3. Then, tap then the Restart alternative (or swipe towards it).
  4. Take a few seconds until your device is restarted and then check whether the headphone icon appears not there anymore.

Reset Your Device

The factory reset process erases all your data, which is why I would recommend making backups of your data before you reset your device. After you have completed the backup, you’ll be able to reset your device factory-wide. Redmi as well as Xiaomi device.

If the problem persists, I suggest you go to an official Redmi support center, to have your device evaluated and fixed. the issue with the headphone icon with you Redmi and Mi phones.

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