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Earn2trade Platforms Review: Pros, Cons, and Main Features

Earn2Trade is one of the few companies that act as a headhunter looking for natural talent. Excellent futures-funded trader programs are available from Earn2Trade to assist traders in quickly achieving their goals. The most significant advantage is that investors can practice trading without putting their own money in danger. Instead, participants in this program can trade using funded trading accounts from Appius Trading or Helios Trading Partners and keep 80% of trading gains.

Earn2Trade platforms launched a brand-new Trader Career Path at the beginning of 2022. Through this path, traders can scale their careers by trading accounts up to $200,000 with a fixed drawdown. This item is a fantastic complement to their other offerings: The Gauntlet Mini, a test designed exclusively for afternoon traders, and The Gauntlet, a software for maximum trader freedom.





Main Features of Earn2trade Platforms

Earn2trade is one of the best prop trading firms. You can sign in to the dashboard by clicking on it. Using the dashboard, you have access to Earn2Trade’s key features.

Several possibilities include:

  1. Graphs

You can access charting features like indicators and chart types through the Earn2Trades platform.

Important dates are also displayed, making it simpler to recognize when an important date is coming. For example, a recent event was the Brexit referendum or the Iowa Caucus in the USA.

It is helpful to have around since you can observe how news events affect the markets. Additionally, if widgets are your thing, you may access a variety of widget alternatives by clicking on widgets in the taskbar. The use of the Time, Sales, and Orders widgets is something I enjoy. Now let’s discuss a couple of widgets.

Market Depth

You can combine Level 2 information on any trading platform you choose because it is part of the monthly subscription fee. It is possible to trade with just one click, which you may do either directly from the DOM chart or by clicking on the DOM pricing.

Reconstructed Tape and Time and Sales

You can take a closer look at the tape after it has been compressed using the Reconstructed Tape widget in addition to the regular Time and Sales window.

Chart Formats

You can view charts in the candlestick, ticks, volume, or range styles. Just a few simple clicks will get you started.

Buy Tickets

Therefore, we are already familiar with the one-click transaction option. Here’s how to enter such intricate orders. You should utilize an order ticket, and you can choose between the simple or advanced mode.

At the bottom of the order form, you can choose the amount, symbol, order details, the required margin, and the commission for the trade.

Tracking Your Trade with Journalytix

You may benefit from Journalytix while your subscription is active. You can send the trades you make to this tool. There, you can classify the transactions into different groups and identify the most effective tactics. This can also be very easily exported to Excel for evaluation.

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