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Stanley Steemer accept?


American company Stanley Steemer has its headquarters in Dublin. The company specializes in carpet cleaning, wood floor cleaning, tile grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and air duct cleaning. The company also offers water damage restoration services and sells cleaning products for homes and offices. Read more Stanley Steemer accept?

Jack Bates founded the company in Dublin, Ohio in 1947. It has been in business in cleaning for over 70 years. It has seen rapid growth over the years. There are currently more than 280 locations that are franchised or corporate-owned in 49 US states.

Stanley Steemer, currently managed by Jack Bates’ descendents, includes President Justin Bates and CEO Wesley Bates.

The company also received the Asthma and Allergy Certification in 2013 for professional cleaning services.

What is the cost of cleaning at Stanley Steemer’s?

For customers convenience, the company provides an online cost estimator that allows them to get an estimate of the costs. The approximate cost of cleaning three bedrooms and one living room is $140. Customers who ask for specific charges per room will find it anywhere from $15 to $40.

It offers many discounts to customers. Stanley Steemer $99 Special, which includes carpet cleaning for only $99.

What method is used for carpet cleaning in your company?

Stanley Steemer employs the most effective method for carpet cleaning, which includes hot water extraction or simply steam cleaning. Hot water is used in conjunction with a specially formulated cleaning agent. This solution claims to safely and gently remove dirt, stones, and gravels.

The company also uses Stanley Steemer Odor Out Plus to deodorize the carpets. Natural bacterial enzyme action is used to digest organic odors, rather than masking them with fragrances like most other products. Stanley Steemer uses a pairing agent for any odors caused by enzymes to provide immediate relief.

Does Stanley Steemer accept tips?

Many customers who use the services of Stanley Steemer or any other cleaning company have doubts about giving tips, and whether the workers would accept it. Stanley Steemer said that while professional staff don’t expect or require tips, they are always appreciated.

In other words, a tip can be given to employees who have done hard in moving and/or setting heavy furniture (which many companies do not charge for as they are not responsible or able to do so).

How much tip should you give a Stanley Steemer man?

The next question is whether or not to tip, and if so, how much.

Sometimes it feels like a necessity, when professional staff goes out of their way to provide the best service. It is common to leave a tip of $5 per person. The tipping amount can vary depending on the space and geographical area to be scrubbed.

Is Stanley Steemer’s service worth it?

It is easy to conclude that the company offers good services at a reasonable price after reading the reviews from customers. Prices for cleaning companies such as Coit can range from $180 up to $480. The price of Chem Clean is $120 to $400, while Stanley Steemer’s ranges between $80 and $300. This varies depending on how much space you have.

Stanley Steemer is known for its reasonable prices and high quality cleaning. The staff are also punctual and follow a strict schedule.


Stanley Steemer has been in the cleaning business for over 70 years and offers its services to nearly every corner of the US. It offers services such as carpet cleaning, wood floor cleaning, tile grout cleaning, air-duct cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and wooden floor cleaning. The company also offers water damage restoration services. Excellent cleaning services are offered at very affordable prices by the company. The company uses only the highest quality products and methods to ensure that customers have a satisfying experience. The strict adherence to the schedule is an added advantage that isn’t usually found in other companies.


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