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Advantages of Skin Check with SunDoctors

During the grooming process, you can also check your pet for skin issues like hot spots. The parts of the body where moisture tends to collect in Basset Hounds, such as the feet, under the chin, and other places where there are skin folds, are especially prone to hot spots. These will typically dry out and speed healing if you use an antibacterial powder, which you may get from your veterinarian. If left untreated for any period of time, the skin may swell and infect, necessitating more drastic procedures to complete the healing process. Click to read more.

You should be grateful you didn’t choose a coated breed that needs trimming and shaping if all of this sounds too time-consuming. The majority of what your basset hound needs to feel and look his best falls under maintenance rather than aesthetic care. A gorgeous, healthy pet will emerge if you create and adhere to a regular grooming programme. 


Many basset hound exhibitors may trim the dog’s whiskers for the show ring to give the muzzle a tidy, clean appearance. However, in recent years, many individuals have given up on this procedure in favour of a more “natural” dog, arguing that the basset hound’s whiskers have a sensory purpose in the field, aiding him in sensing his location. Dogs also display signs of trimming on the tail, the underside, and the “skirt” underneath when they enter the show ring. None of this is necessary grooming, especially not for a home pet.

Step-by-step guidelines

The following are the items you should look for while performing a self-check for skin cancer.

Any type of lesion that has altered, itches, or looks to be difficult to heal is suspicious. Dark spots on the skin or discoloured parts of the skin.

Conclusion:- Make an appointment with a doctor if you notice a mole, lesion, or anything else unusual on your body. Cancerous lesions need to be addressed as soon as possible to enhance your chances of entirely curing them, thus you should never wait until your next planned physical.

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