HometechnologyWill Blue Lizard Australian Face Sunscreen Stop Me Tanning?

Will Blue Lizard Australian Face Sunscreen Stop Me Tanning?

Is there anything more relaxing and enjoyable than spending a day at the beach? Letting all of your worries melt away as the sun kisses your body is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Of course, you should be wearing Blue Lizard Australian face sunscreen when you do, so that you’re protected. 

But what if you’re wanting to tan? Sunscreen stops that from happening right? Sunscreen stops tanning and burning, so it’s impossible to get bronzed like you used to, right? While these might be statements that most Americans will attest to, neither is true.

Blue Lizard Australian Face Sunscreen Doesn’t Stop Tanning

While major mineral sunscreen brands like Blue Lizard are highly effective at protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays, it doesn’t stop tanning. However, as much as each sunscreen manufacturer would like to be able to tell you that they protect against 100% of UV rays, they don’t. 

Even the higher SPFs, like SPF 50 won’t. It gets close, in that it protects you against 99% of the sun’s rays, but that’s not 100%. Also, SPF 50 means it will take 50 times longer to burn than you would without it applied, so eventually, you would still burn if you stayed out long enough. 

So, even when you’re wearing the best brand, the highest SPF and you’re applying it every 2 hours as directed, you won’t stop your skin from tanning. 

It Just Takes Longer to Tan

Let’s get one thing clear – wearing sunscreen is the right thing to do and while you will still tan (slowly), you still need it to protect you from skin ageing and burning. If you were to wear SPF50 and keep reapplying it as you should, it will take 50x longer to burn, so if it usually takes 10 minutes without protection, it will take 5,000 minutes to burn with it on. 

So, if you’re wearing Blue Lizard Australian face sunscreen, it will take 83 hours for your skin to feel that uncomfortable burn. By anyone’s standards, that’s a long time. In fact, it’s just under 7 days of continuous exposure.

Moreover, tanning is something that occurs on the way to being burnt, so as you can imagine, a certain degree of tanning still happens. It’s just a lot slower than it otherwise would be. If you have a job that takes you outside a lot and you wear sunscreen every day, you will still tan. 

That Tan Will Come – You’ll Just Have to Be Patient

Just because it takes longer to tan when wearing Blue Lizard Australian Face sunscreen, doesn’t mean that it’s time to stop using it. Your primary focus should be to protect your skin against harm, as in the worst scenarios imaginable, it can lead to melanoma. That’s something that should compel anyone to wear sunscreen every day. 

So, keep wearing it and using it as you should be and be patient with that tan you’re after. Sure, a tan will make you look and feel great, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of your skin’s health. 


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