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The Ultimate Guide to Zorb Ball

If you’ve never played zorb ball, you may be wondering what it’s all about. Is it scary? Is it dangerous? How do you get in and out of the ball? Will it hurt? While there are many questions that people have about zorb ball, the truth is that it’s actually not too different from other sports and games. It requires physical agility, strategy, and of course, plenty of courage.

What is a Zorb Ball?

Zorb Balls are large inflatable balls that people can play games in. They are inflated with air and can be used for a variety of games, such as soccer, dodgeball, and rugby. The game is usually played by two teams of two people each. In recent years, the game has become more popular and you can even find tournaments hosted in different cities around the world.

History of the Game

Zorb ball began in New Zealand in the early 1990s and has spread internationally. It is played by people inside a large inflatable ball. Players try to stay inside the ball and avoid falling off, or being thrown out of the ball. The game is divided into rounds, with players taking turns throwing each other out of the ball. Whoever ends up on top at the end of a round becomes the new thrower for that round.

Finding an Opponent

You’ll need at least two people for a game of Zorb ball. To find an opponent, start with your friends and family. If they don’t want to play, you can use social media or make flyers advertising the game and post them around the town. You might also try going to a nearby park, school, or community center where there are likely other people who would be interested in playing.


  1. Inflatable ball- the bigger the better. You will be in this ball for an hour, so make it as comfy as possible! The smaller the ball, the more tiring it will be on your legs and lungs because you have less air to breathe.
  1. Warm clothing- dress in layers and wear warm socks and gloves inside your zorb ball. The colder it is outside, the colder it will be inside your zorb ball so make sure you are prepared! 
  1. Lights- if you want to play at night, bring a flashlight or headlamp

Where to Play?

Zorb balls are most often played in parks, fields, or any large open space. They can also be set up indoors in the winter time. The game is designed for all ages and is suitable for a group of players. While there are many different variations of the game, we’ll cover the basic rules that apply to all zorb ball games. 

1) Players are divided into two teams (or evenly distributed if playing with less than 8 people).

2) Teams line up at opposite ends of a field and players on each team take turns rolling the zorb ball towards their opponents’ goal line. 

3) When a player has rolled the ball across their opponent’s goal line, they get one point for their team.

Safety Tips for Playing Zorb Ball

  1. Make sure you are wearing a helmet and goggles at all times while playing. 
  1. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water before, during, and after the game. 
  1. Remember that everyone goes down sometimes, so don’t be afraid of falling down or getting hurt.
  1. To avoid feeling dizzy afterwards or throwing up later, it is important to keep your head up and make sure you have eaten something recently if possible before playing zorb ball for a long period of time. 
  1. Remember that zorb balls can bounce off walls, so try to avoid them as much as possible when you’re in them! 

Last Word

The best way to buy a zorb ball is from an online retailer, as they offer the widest variety of colours and prices. There are also many benefits to buying your zorb ball online, such as being able to read customer reviews and see what others have said about the product. Another benefit is that you can find out how much shipping will cost before committing to buying your zorb ball. Plus, shopping around for the right zorb ball could save you money in the long run.

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