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What Should You Know About MPAN and MPRN Numbers?

Electricity bills may be complicated. It could be challenging to comprehend all the numbers and codes on your household or company’s energy bills. Furthermore, if you’re moving to a new house or changing to a different provider, you can encounter issues if you’re unsure of what specific information signifies. Your MPAN and MPRN are two numbers that you may need to know for a comprehensive understanding of your bills. This informative guide is ideal for you if you want MPAN and MPRN number explained.

MPAN Number: A Brief Overview

Meaning and Definition

MPAN means “Meter Point Administration Number.” This particular number serves as a means of locating your particular electrical supply point. An “S number” or an “electricity supply number” are other names for it. Users of power in homes and businesses both have MPAN numbers.

It often appears in a box labeled “Supply Number” and is a grid-formatted 21-digit number beginning with the letter “S.” Despite having 21 numbers collectively, you’ll usually just need to remember and use the last 13 digits. Understanding that your customer account number and electricity MPAN are two different things is crucial.

If you are moving to a new residence or switching power providers, you can be asked for your MPAN. Your property is connected to the MPAN number. Therefore, if you change suppliers while staying at the same location, your MPAN will not change. Only if you move to a new residence will this number change.

Finding MPAN Number

An MPAN is a 21-digit number, as was explained previously, and it commonly starts with an “S.” It’s critical to understand this number and where to look for it. Your meter box does not show your MPAN. Referring to a combined energy bill or an electricity statement is the most straightforward approach to getting this data.

However, there may be times when you are unable to get your MPAN in this manner, whether you have misplaced prior bills or have just moved into a new residence and have yet to receive a bill. Thankfully, there is another option.

If you can’t access a past bill, you may also contact your local distribution network operator (DNO) to find out your MPAN. If you’re unsure who your region’s operator is, don’t worry. Online resources for this data are widely accessible. You may also get in touch with Citizens Advice to get this info. You just need to provide the company with your address and zip code. Therefore, you can determine your DNO and ask your DNO for your MPAN number.

MPRN Number: A Brief Overview

Meaning and Definition

For home and commercial gas consumers, the MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) is a specific identification number for your gas supply and is comparable to an MPAN. It is specific to your home, much like an MPAN, and it remains the same even if you change energy providers. It is shorter and easier to understand than an MPAN and is often referred to as an “M number.”

It’s critical to understand that your customer account number and MPRN are two separate numbers. You often need the latter when interacting with your gas provider. However, if you’re relocating to a new house or place of business or switching gas suppliers, you may need to consult your MPRN. MPRN numbers generally include six to ten digits, all of which are numbers and contain no letters.

Finding MPRN Number

These numbers are sometimes imprinted on meters, unlike MPANs. So, you may be able to discover your MPRN by looking at your gas meter. Your gas bills also contain the information. It is often printed at the top or bottom of invoices, but your energy provider will specifically choose where it goes.

Suppose you are unable to locate the information on your meter and do not have a recent gas or combined energy bill. In that case, you may search the web for your gas MPRN number by going to a site that has information on your local provider and entering your postcode and location.

The Need for MPAN and MPRN Numbers

You won’t need to use your MPAN or MPRN very frequently. Moreover, it’s possible that you won’t ever need to use them unless you relocate or change energy providers. In each of these situations, it’s crucial that you be aware of your gas and electricity supply numbers since they are specific to your home and inform your provider that they are using the correct meter. Here are some other uses for your MPAN and MPRN numbers:

ü Your numbers are connected to your property. Your numbers won’t change if you switch suppliers without relocating. As part of the switching procedure, you may need to provide your MPAN and MPRN to your new provider.

ü Your numbers will change if you relocate. As part of the relocating procedure, you could be asked to provide the MPAN and MPRN for your former property. When you move into your new house, your energy provider will inform you of your new numbers.

ü Your numbers will alter if you switch suppliers and move homes at the same time. Your new provider will provide the figures for your new home.

You must provide suppliers with your MPAN and MPRN numbers for them to appropriately charge you for the gas and electricity you use. Similar to how your bank account number is significant, these figures are crucial to your energy account. These numbers might be useful if you have any problems with your energy, meters, or bills. Additionally, these can help during relocation, and you can easily set up utilities in your new home without issues.

Understanding Your Bill Information

Whether you get your energy bills from your provider online or by mail, it’s crucial to safeguard this information and make sure it’s readily available when you need it. You may need to refer to data on your billing, such as your MPAN and MPRN number, for many different reasons.

Your life may become simpler if you know where to locate these numbers for future uses. Furthermore, being aware of this information ensures that procedures like switching energy providers are as simple and fast as feasible.

It will be simpler for you to keep track of how much money you are spending on gas and electricity if you have your billing information close at hand. Therefore, you may be able to identify solutions to cut these expenses.


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