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A Guide to the Yiwu Market and Locating the Most Effective Sourcing Agent

Nearly all agents in the industry now have their own websites. Some brokers, however, have far more than that. You may learn a lot about the people behind a website just by visiting its homepage. In reality, this is your sole option for gathering background knowledge before making first contact. You need to use caution with respect to:

Agents who talk incessantly about things that don’t matter

Many of these websites claim to be the “Top 1,” “Top 3,” “Best,” “Most,” or “Official” Yiwu agent. Others just call themselves the “Official” Yiwu agent. The following are two instances at the opposite end of the spectrum:

To promote themselves as one of the “TOP 3” Yiwu agents, one agent has maintained an average staff size of 1.5 since 2009. It’s no surprise that this agent is still considered one of the best in the Yiwu China wholesale market , which is the real Yiwu market,  even if the middleman advertises itself as the “Official Yiwu market,” this is not the case. The city administration of Yiwu entrusted CCC Group with the task of planning and operating the market. The CCC group is the only credible source on the current state of affairs in the Yiwu Market. We would like to inform everyone that the “official site of the Yiwu market” is not affiliated with any of the other Yiwu agencies. When representatives of Yiwu make false statements to the public in an effort to increase sales, the company takes a hit to its credibility and runs the danger of losing the confidence of its clientele.

They Have the Power to Work Miracles

Many claim to be sourcing agent China offering their services at no cost to you, while others promise “free” alternatives to everything you can think of. Or, they may deceive you into thinking the commission is “low to 1%” in order to get what they want. (Highly misleading.) This is terrible news for the Yiwu export agency industry as a whole. I’ve already written a little about the commission structure that’s available to agents in Yiwu. An annualised rate of return of 1% is absurd. A number of “buts” and “ifs” are buried in the fine text of contracts for even the big agencies’ 3% fees. The service providers themselves are what set them apart. It is common knowledge that businesses with more enticing compensation and benefits have an easier time attracting and keeping high-quality employees. They will have personnel under their supervision perform the whole project. And certainly not the CEO or the head honcho.

A firm has to be financially secure in order to be able to offer salaries that are competitive with the market in order to both attract and keep the best possible employees. It is possible that a rapid change in staff will have a severe impact on the revenues of a service representative. In order for a business to get the distinction of being THE BEST AGENT in Yiwu, it is necessary for the firm to have on staff those employees who are the most informed and competent over the longest length of time.

Without Concern for the Law Breaking Agents

Many Yiwu agents would prefer that you contact them directly rather than giving you with clear and honest details about the service they provide and the associated expenses. In this setting, nobody is able to use their time effectively. It seems to reason that you won’t be able to give each person as much attention if you squander time on just one. A human day is usually just twenty-four hours long. Those with a higher “awareness-of-rules” are those who can, from the onset, explain out all the details of their service and conditions, as opposed to those who would rather have you talk things over with them without providing any background.

People Who Facilitate the Use of Shortcuts

A website that values its users would exercise extreme caution before posting any content on its sites. Provide as much ACTUALLY USEFUL and RECENT information as you can to your visitors without compromising your duty. The offending website seems to have little original content and instead appears to mostly consist on copying and pasting the work of others with minor alterations. You have an excellent gut feeling about the kind of individual who is choosing to stay anonymous. It seems that trusting people who promise to help you “take the easy way out and become wealthy quickly” might turn out to be a mistake. It won’t work, and I’m sorry to say that. You should be able to tune out a lot of noise if you remember the above; now choose a few topics to discuss.


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