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Best Spa and Skincare Treatments for Sensitive Skin

We love it when we receive great feedback from Spa Managers who say that clean skincare and beauty has changed people’s lives. So, thanks for the experience of many women for sending this lovely message in and helping us understand the importance of healthy skincare.

It demonstrates how attention to detail, great skincare suitable for sensitive skin, and a fantastic therapist can make a huge difference. That’s why it is important to always use natural products for your spa and in your everyday skincare.

For instance we had a client this week who had the worst psoriasis I’ve ever seen. She had always been told that it was too severe for her to have treatments. I checked it wasn’t open, weeping etc and suggested completely organic and vegan skincare. I patch tested everything on her and she had no reactions (she frequently reacts immediately to products) and explained the treatment to her. She asked that I ‘warn’ the therapist too as she has had such negative reactions previously.

I saw her the next day, after her treatment and she looked incredible! I asked her if she had seen her skin and took her over to a mirror to see the difference which was quite remarkable and she was thrilled. It was so nice to be able to offer her a treatment when she is usually always getting no as an answer, due to severe skin irritations and tretinoin purging

We love each and every herb and flower and plant in our skincare. One of the favorites for anti-aging skincare is bakuchiol. This is a completely natural and healthy version of vitamin A. It serves as a plant-based and vegan alternative to retinol.  

One of our favorites is thyme. Take time out to know about the gift of thyme. Powerfully beneficial in combating respiratory problems, eliminating bacteria and alleviating inflammation.

Found in many good skincare and hair care products to stimulate great healthy hair. But if you are suffering from congestion. Pop a couple of drops of your oil into a bowl of warm water and inhale with some long slow deep breaths.

We have a very special offer for any spa, salon or independent therapist interested in being inclusive and opening their doors to people with skincare issues and other life limiting health issues. Don’t forget, it’s always best to use 100% natural and plant-based skincare. It is the best for sensitive skin and the people who have skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and many more. 


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