HometechnologyHow to Search Messages on iPhone & iPad (iOS 16)

How to Search Messages on iPhone & iPad (iOS 16)

Are you questioning a way to seek textual content messages to your iPhone or iPad to discover a selected communication? We can help! We’ll cowl a way to seek via your messages at the iPhone and iPad the usage of the Messages app, seek Facebook messages, and seek WhatsApp chat. Fortunately, maximum messaging apps make your textual content conversations searchable. Let’s dive in!

How to Search Texts on iPhone & iPad withinside the Messages App

You can seek your iMessages and SMS messages without delay withinside the Messages app. This is the perfect manner to do it, even though I’ll cowl an additional seek method. The screenshots under are taken on an iPhone, however the manner is the identical at the iPad. Here’s a way to seek textual content messages:

In older iOS versions, the quest characteristic changed into inadequate, however it’s been upgraded and now lets in you to go looking a couple of applicable conversations. However, you could additionally seek the Messages app with out ever starting the app itself through the usage of your iPhone’s seek characteristic.

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How to Search Old iMessages on iPhone & iPad Using Spotlight

Spotlight lets in you to go looking throughout your iPhone’s whole system. Therefore, you may be looking throughout apps, together with Messages. 

Pro Tip: A exceptional characteristic of iMessages seek is the cappotential to move without delay to the word you are seeking out withinside the communication. To analyze greater approximately your iPhone, like a way to shop an photo as a PDF, sign on for our loose Tip of the Day newsletter.

Now you understand a way to look for messages to your iPhone! Keep in thoughts that you could handiest glance through gift messages, because of this that in case you’ve deleted a message, it’ll now no longer display up whilst you seek. If you’re questioning a way to look for messages in different apps, we can destroy down a way to look for messages in Facebook and WhatsApp under!

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From How Far Back Can Text Messages Be Retrieved?

Many humans need to discover a way to discover antique messages on iPhone, however they aren’t positive how antique is just too antique. There are numerous elements to don’t forget here. As I already mentioned, you could handiest seek antique textual content messages that haven’t been deleted yet, considering Messages doesn’t permit you to archive texts. But even in case you don’t actively delete messages, your iPhone can be deleting them for you. To take a look at this:

Some humans ask if you could seek iMessages through date. Unfortunately, there’s no correct manner to do that on iPhone or iPad on the moment. But your messages need to be indexed so as through date despatched or obtained in order that allow you to slim down your seek.

How to Search Facebook Messenger Conversations & WhatsApp Messages on iPhone & iPad

How to Search for Messages in Facebook Messenger

A Facebook communication seek is simple and may be completed withinside the Facebook Messenger app in some smooth steps:

Just like with iMessage, in case you click on on a result, it’ll take you without delay into that a part of the message. Facebook Messenger seek does a top notch task of searching through message threads from all time, together with man or woman and institution conversations and messages that had been archived.

How to Search WhatsApp Messages on iPhone & iPad

WhatsApp is one of the maximum famous messaging apps at the iPhone. WhatsApp is commonly taken into consideration to have the quality seek at the iPhone through reviewers, and prefer Facebook, it highlights the time period you are seeking out, so it is smooth to discover withinside the thread. As with the opposite  messaging apps we have got mentioned, in case you’ve deleted the message, it may not be to be had for seek. However, in case you archived the message, the quest will work.

That’s it! You need to now be cushty trying to find messages withinside the Messages, Facebook, and WhatsApp apps! No one desires to seek via dozens (if now no longer hundreds) of messages seeking out a selected communication on their Apple device. Fortunately, maximum messaging apps make your textual content conversations searchable. If your pal has despatched a hyperlink you do not need to lose, you could additionally pin the shared content, so it seems withinside the associated app. For in addition records on textual content messages, see our article on the scale limits of institution chats. Next, discover ways to sync messages from iPhone to Mac & iPad.


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