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How to Watch British TV Abroad with a VPN?

When it comes to British television, it is said that there truly is no match for it. For a long time, British television has been appealing to diverse audiences; shows such as Doctor Who, Sherlock, and The Crown are prime examples of why many people love British TV. Not only TV shows but live British TV stream and on-demand content has also gained much popularity worldwide. However, a problem with most English content is that it is geo-blocked in most countries of the world, and despite having such a strong fan following, it does not reach everyone.

What is Geo-Blocking?

Most people either don’t know what geo-blocking is or confuse it with something else, which is why we will briefly explain what geo-blocking is. Different words are used for geo-blocking, such as geo-locking, geo-filtering, or geofencing. Geo-blocking is a set of geographical restrictions or policies dividing internet users into regional portions instead of global ones. With the help of such restrictions, governments of different countries prevent foreign users from accessing their local content.

These restrictions are usually imposed for the content owners to monetize their content; things that often get geo-blocked include music, movies, books, and TV shows. For example, if someone tries to access BBC iPlayer from a non-UK server, they would see an error message like “BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

How to Bypass Geo-locking?

Luckily geo-blocking is not something you can’t bypass; with a virtual private network, you can easily watch British television. Sites such as Netflix UK, ALL 4, BBC iPlayer, and ITV Hub are some popular examples of British television that you can access through a VPN.

Why Use VPN to Bypass Geo-locking?

You must only buy VPN and nothing else to bypass geo-restrictions because a VPN is extremely safe to use. A VPN is safe because it encrypts your network traffic and prevents it from being read by the servers. When trying to access British TV from another location, a VPN would mask your real IP address and replace it with the one from your chosen country. In our case, the VPN would connect to a UK server and help us appear as if we were in the UK.

Apart from bypassing geo-restrictions, a VPN has benefits like better security and personal privacy. Connecting to a VPN would give you the power to be more anonymous online and stay safe from prying eyes.


How to Watch British TV Abroad with VPN?

It is super easy to watch British television with a VPN; here are some steps that would help you to do so.

  • The first things you must do are choose a reliable VPN. To watch British TV from abroad, you must ensure that the VPN ha servers in the UK can unlock the British TV. When you choose a reliable VPN, other things become automatic; for example, a reliable VPN would have better uptime and high speed. Both these traits of a VPN would make your experience seamless.
  • After choosing a reliable VPN, the next step is downloading it from the website or an app store. You must also ensure you buy a premium version of the VPN because most free VPNs make you extremely vulnerable.
  • After downloading and purchasing the service, you must open the application and connect to the UK server.
  • One last thing you must remember is that after downloading the VPN, you might have to clear your cache and browser cookies for a faster and simpler experience.

Best VPNs to Watch British TV Abroad

Now that you know how to watch British TV with VPN let’s look at some VPNs that are best for watching British TV from abroad.

Ivacy VPN – This VPN is available on almost every device, whether a computer, smart TV, or mobile phone. It has more than 9000 servers in 91 countries, and the best thing about this VPN is that its UK servers are specially optimized for a better streaming experience. You can connect 7 devices simultaneously with this VPN and unblock every British TV service.

Express VPN – The next VPN that is best for watching British TV from abroad is the Express VPN. The VPN has over 4000 thousand servers and is widely popular for its high speeds. It is said that Express VPN is more expensive than other VPN companies, which is because the company especially focuses on better quality.

Private Internet Access – If you are looking for something affordable, then the private internet access VPN is the perfect option for you to watch British TV from abroad; one of the best things about this VPN service is that it allows more than 10 connections and even has a smart DNS feature at such an early age. The VPN has 3 servers in the UK and can easily unblock British TV in just 20 seconds.


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