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What Is Bill Gates’s Email Address?

All of the Microsoft offices were connected to a new local network. This system, called the MILAN, brought an improved email system to the company. Email addresses were assigned by names, such as Bill billg. Later, this username was used to create his old email address. However, it is no longer valid.

Is Bill Gates able to reply to emails from strangers?

Several users have reported receiving quick responses from Gates throughout the years.

Although not as widespread as Steve Jobs emails, some of Gates email responses have been made publicly.

  • An email Gates sent in 2003 regarding a criticism of Windows Usability shows how meticulous Gates can be when dealing with issues with Microsoft’s products. Gates admitted that this behavior is not unusual and should be addressed as part of his job.
  • John Seabrook, author, had an extensive email correspondence in 1994 while he was working on a story to be published in The New Yorker. This form of communication was still very young, so the conversation was centered on its importance. It contained some important predictions by Gates. It is a great piece of advice that Gates gave to keep calm while using it. “Email is not the best way to get mad at somebody because you can’t communicate.”

More information on contacting Bill Gates

To keep up with his work, you can visit GatesNotes.com and follow the ex-Microsoft CEO.

Bill Gates sometimes communicates with the public via Reddit. For example, in this Ask me Anything thread. You can send Bill Gates a private message on Reddit using his chosen username thisisbillgates. However, it is unlikely that he will respond.

Surprisingly Bill Gates doesn’t get as many email as you might think. He stated to US Today that he receives only “40-50 emails per day” in 2013.

Scam Email from Bill Gates

It’s a scam if you receive an email from Bill Gates informing you that he would like to send you money. To grab your attention and get your money, scammers often use names like his. This email has been around for years.

Gates is well-known for his generosity, but that doesn’t mean he sends out random emails offering millions of dollars to people.


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