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‘League of Legends’ Battle Academia 2021 Missions: How to Complete All Tasks, Rewards

League of Legends “Battle Academia” has been a delight for League enthusiasts and fans. It brought a huge offer for gamers as well as a brand new motif to the game’s interface. Apart from cosmetic changes to well-known characters, “LoL Battle Academia” also offers missions and tasks that can be completed for additional rewards.

It would debut with the most awaited, loved, and cherished skin series ever, which also includes the Pulsefire Series and Pool Party Series, Lunar New Year and K/DA and the Battle Academia. Battle Academia offers more than just skin series that allow each member of a squad to have a part and get their shot at a particular theme.

It is worth noting, however, that the Battle Academia Missions 2021 are not as extensive and short-term as other themes, motifs and special events. This is a way for gamers to enjoy the new skins, or even purchase them, and make a little extra.

Battle Academia Missions of the ‘League of Legends’

Battle Academia skins were released last Thursday, March 18. 18 displaying the flashy, well-dressed uniforms of five characters in this special series. The series featured a complete team of five men with different roles. Each member had their role as if encouraging the formation of the Battle Academia in matches.

Garen is the tank carrier for the solo top, Wukong the jungle role, Yone the AD mid-laner and Caitlyn the bot-lane marksman. Leona the support bot-lane.

DBLTAP has announced that the “League of Legends” Battle Academia skin campaign has introduced two new missions. They would be rewarded with a few Blue Essence which can be used in shops. Although the reward is not as great as actual events, it could be used to purchase other necessities that use Blue Essence.

Battle Academia Mission 1: “First Day of School”

The first mission of Battle Academia 2021 (“First Day of School”) asks players to kill a dragon three more times or play five matches during the day. This task will reward gamers with 150 Blue Essence, while completing it would reward them individually.

Battle Academia Mission 2: “Who Needs to Study?”

The second mission is “Who Needs to Study?” It asks gamers to play five more games (separately) or earn 10,000 gold (accumulated). Complete mission number 2. Completing mission 2 would provide players with 350 Blue Essence. This will give them 500 Blue Essence total for both missions.

These are the only two missions you need to complete so far. They are listed under “League of Legends’s” Battle Academia skin.



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