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Among Us’ Map Guide: Learn the Locations and Kill Zones (Skeld, Polus, and Mira HQ)

“Among Us” has been a hit with thousands of players as it has quickly become one of the most popular games. The game offers players many maps and tasks, in addition to tracking down the impostor.

Among Us

There are currently three locations: The Skeld and Polus. A fourth map is in production. You will need to be able to correctly plot your gameplay using all of the maps and kill zones.

Find out the most important locations and areas of concern

These maps were created by Reddit user to assist players with the game. According to the u/Samurai – Pipotchi, “I made some reference maps in order to help people learn the game.”

Each map has a section that allows you to get a kill easily. It is usually secluded and away from any cams.

The Skeld

The emergency meeting on The Skeld is located in the middle of Cafeteria. There are two triads with vents at each end of Cafeteria, as well as two one line-paths at both ends. Security cameras are installed in the corridors of Admin Security, O2, Medbay, and Security.

Electricity Kill Zone

The most common kill zone is the electrical. The vent is located in the top corner. There are many tasks and a sabotage fix within it. It is isolated from the rest and has no cams. According to legend, those who enter Electrical never get out.


Polus is connected to two sets of interconnected triads of vents just like The Skeld. There are also two vents in its northern section, which are both within camera zones. The left side has one string with three vents. The central, eastern, as well as southwest areas have camera zones. Polus is the largest map in the game. It is where the Office’s emergency meeting is located.

Kill Zone: Specimen Room

Specimen room

The only zone that has no vent is the specimen room. It is easy to trap people there. It is difficult to escape due to the smaller decontamination rooms that are located on either side. It is better to do a double kill with another imposter. It is important that the second body be found before anyone else enters the Specimen Room.

Mira HQ

MiraHQ is the only map that all vents can be interconnected. This would make it possible to escape easily after you have killed an imposter. While there is no security, this map has door logs in communications. Cafeteria is also the location of the emergency meeting. It’s a true venter’s paradise!

Decontamination is the Kill Zone

The second door will open to reveal the large decontamination room. Decontamination, like the other rooms is hidden from all other areas of the map. This area is not recommended for anyone who believes they are a fake.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a crewmate or an imposter, it’s important to be familiar with the details of each map. This will make your game much easier. Crew members should be able to plan their routes and catch imposters alone. Crewmates should complete their tasks outside these areas first before entering these danger zones.


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