HometechnologyWhere is Kecleon in Pokémon Go? We asked Niantic for an answer

Where is Kecleon in Pokémon Go? We asked Niantic for an answer

Pokemon Go gamers know that the real villain is not Team Go Rocket or their shadow Pokemon. It’s the mysterious Kecleon.

This is because the chameleon-like creature is one of only a few Pokemon that are still missing from the game. Kecleon is the only Hoen Pokedex unreleased creature.

Kecleon has been the reason that players have not completed this section of their collection since Jirachi arrived in June 2019. This missing entry is a source of frustration for us.

We were given the opportunity to speak to Niantic about its Pokemon Go events and we also took this chance to find out for sure when Kecleon will be available to capture.


Michael Steranka, Pokemon Go’s Director for Global Product Marketing, was first to hear the question. He chuckled, “Yeah! I knew that that [question] would come up.”

He explained that they were absent so far by saying, “Kecleon is unique in the main series games, capabilities that no other Pokemon shares, so we want to ensure we do right with its original design when we incorporate it into augmented reality.”

Steranka refers to Kecleon’s appearance in Pokémon Ruby and Saphire. It was extremely unlikely that you would find one in the game’s tall grass, which is where most of the regular Pokemon are found. Instead, you can accidentally run into Kecleons that have been hidden in the game’s world.

Steranka’s comment brought back a similar unique Pokemon, DITTO. Instead of finding the distinctive purple blob in the open, Ditto pretends to be one the many common Pokemon, only revealing its true identity once it is captured.

Steranka answered our question about Niantic’s plans for something similar. “Yeah, but you won’t encounter Kecleon in nature, we want this encounter to be meaningful.”

“I look forward to the day when we can release Kecleon.”

Steranka, you and we both.

We weren’t able get a precise date for Kecleon’s release in Pokemon Go. However, Steranka stated that Niantic knew that fans had eagerly awaited its arrival and that they won’t be disappointed once it arrives in the game.


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