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What does the PS5 HD Camera accessory do, and should you buy it?

You’ve successfully bought PS5. Perhaps even a PlayStation 5 bundle, with an additional DualSense control and a few games. Well done! Congratulations!

Sony also ships a variety of accessories for its new console, including headsets and media remotes. These are self-explanatory. But what do you do with the PS5 HD Camera?

What is the cost of the PS5 HD Camera? When will it be available?

The PS5 HD Camera and the PS5 will be available for purchase on November 12. It will cost $59.99 / PS49.99 / AU$99.95

What’s the PS5 HD Camera used for?

It records you! Yes! It’s possible! Twitch, YouTube Gaming are popular streaming apps with huge audiences. Many celebrities streamers make a living from sponsorship deals. DualSense controllers have a dedicated “Create” button that allows you to jump directly into broadcasting and video editing functions.

Although the camera captures 1080p video, it isn’t at 4K resolution. However, it does have dual wide-angle lenses. These lenses are great for capturing a broad view of the surroundings, even if you’re not in close proximity to the subject being filmed. They can also be used for depth perception, which could be useful for future PlayStation VR headsets.

The PS5 HD Camera can be placed on top or below your TV. It is wired up to your console through an integrated stand. You can adjust the angle and position to meet your needs.

Background removal is the best trick of the PS5 HD Camera

Are you enjoying the video conferencing software’s virtual background options during lockdown? The PS5 and the PS5 HD Camera may be able offer something similar.

The built-in background remove tool allows users to crop their environment or remove it entirely. This will allow them to sit in front of the action in their clips.

Are you looking for the PS5 HD camera

Are you a dedicated game streamer who enjoys putting their face and voice over video of yourself playing your favorite games? This accessory could be the right choice for you. This accessory is made for the PlayStation 5, Sony-built, and will most likely provide the easiest way to create, share, and edit your videos within the console’s interface.

We have yet to see the interface or alternative manufacturers who could offer better features at a lower price. It could be worthwhile for streamers to wait to see what other manufacturers are working on, and how services such as Twitch or YouTube will integrate with the next-gen console.

We think everyone can safely pass the camera to them. It is not yet used in any specific game features, though this may change in the future. It would only be required for the next-generation PlayStationVR 2 headset. However, that hasn’t been announced. Sony promises that your existing PSVR headset will work with the PS5, so you can use it for backwards compatibility. We suggest that you save money and get rid of the PS5 HD Camera.


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