HometechnologyBest UK job sites of 2022

Best UK job sites of 2022

It is easy and simple to find employment opportunities and new career opportunities online with the best UK job websites.

You’ll find the best UK job websites, and you’ll be more likely than ever to land your next career move. Employers will also be able see your information and resume if you use the right websites.

The best job sites will have an extensive list of listings. They also cover remote and flexible jobs, as well as full-time, part time, and freelance positions. Some sites offer social networking tools and skills quizzes. Others provide intelligent filters and company reviews.

It’s never been easier to search the internet for a job than now, but it’s also never been more busy. You might feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of job listings and sites available.


We can help you. We have compiled a list of the top UK job sites to help you find where to look. And we also explain why they are so great. If you’re looking for work abroad, it’s also possible. Click here to read our opinion on the best US job websites (opens new tab).

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The best UK job sites of 2022 in full:

1. Indeed

One of the most respected and largest job boards

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There are many reasons to buy

+A huge listings database+Straightforward design+Lots of extra features

Avoidable reasons

-Not flashy

Indeed is the largest job site on the planet. It’s been in existence since 2004, and hosts more than 250 million visitors per month. There are also 200 million CVs. According to the firm, ten new jobs are added every second.

Because of the large user base and sheer number of job listings, you can find work in almost any industry on Indeed. You’ll also find many contract and freelance positions (opens in new window)

You’ll be presented with an interface similar to a search engine when you open Indeed. It’s simple to search for jobs by simply entering the title and address. To narrow down your search results, you can filter by salary, job type, education requirements, and many other details. Indeed has a better job search engine than any other job site in this area.

A profile can be created that includes details about your education, work history, skills, certifications, and can even include your CV. Employers can also post jobs free of charge by uploading a CV and setting up alerts for specific job keywords. Employers can customize the process to obtain all the information they need.

Indeed offers many additional features. There are many additional features on Indeed. Indeed also offers an app that allows you to be flexible in your job search. It has tons of articles on job-hunting and work life that will help you improve your success rate and skillset.

Although it doesn’t have an appealing or flashy design, Indeed has a large number of job listings and a wide range of features. This should be an indispensable tool in your job search.

2. Glassdoor

Ideal for checking out the culture of your company before applying

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There are many reasons to buy

+Free for job hunters+Huge database with employers+Loads company reviews

Avoidable reasons

It is not the easiest to use

Glassdoor isn’t the only job site to feature reviews from former employees. However, this site pioneered this approach and places more importance on reviews than many of its competitors.

It is a smart system. It gives you a lot of information about a company’s employer reputation and can help you determine if you will fit in with their corporate culture.

Glassdoor also offers a wealth of information on salaries, including information about company benefits and interview processes. Companies are scored based on their overall performance, their salary, culture and opportunities, as well as their work-life balance.

This transparent approach allows you to approach job applications with more information than most other job sites. Glassdoor’s popularity means that you will find millions of job listings, reviews, and reviews at any given time.

Glassdoor offers a wider range of filters than other job sites. This makes it easy to drill down to search results. You’ll also find a salary calculator and an option to add your CV.

Glassdoor is a great resource for anyone looking to find a job in the UK. It gives you a unique view of each company’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s difficult to use and can be confusing, so it may take some time to get used to the vast amount of information and opinions available.



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