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7 Common Myths About Car Shipping

Are you considering relocating abroad and car shipping overseas? There are many services available to get your car by Car shipping company where it needs to go, but during the process, uncertainties and worries can surface. 

The majority of these beliefs are untrue, and we’re here to assuage your concerns by ensuring that you have the relevant facts before making a choice. It’s simple and affordable to transport your car.Here are some car shipping myths and tips that will be useful when exporting your car with the help of Car shipping company.

Table of content

  1. Too many unreported fees
  2. No door-to-door transportation
  3. Personal things can typically be shipped by automobile
  4. Long Delays
  5. For shipping cars, there is no sales tax to be paid.
  6. Too Much Hassle
  7. Long Journeys Cost Too Much


  • Too many unreported fees:

It can be upsetting to incur unforeseen expenses while shipping your car, but it’s crucial to avoid presuming that high fees would be involved. The cost of transporting a car abroad varies, and it may not be as pricey as you may imagine. Everything depends on the car itself and the country you’re traveling to tax rates. For instance, port changes for moving to the US range from £106 to £406 whereas going to South Africa allows you to import one automobile duty- and VAT-free.


  • No door-to-door transportation

Do you have any concerns regarding bringing your car to our shipping facility? Perhaps the distance is too great, or you have already moved abroad. Fortunately, this needn’t be a problem.

We  car shipping companies in the USA provide complete door-to-door auto transport services from any location in the USA. You’ll save time and effort by doing this when moving. We take tremendous care and dedication when picking up, handling, and shipping your car, always making sure to arrive on time.

All options include onward delivery from the destination port to the final location of your car, although you can always choose to pick up or deliver the vehicle yourself. You are entirely in charge!


  • Personal things can typically be shipped by automobile

When it comes to transporting personal items with your car, the regulations aren’t always obvious, but We makes it easy. When you ship your automobile with us, you are allowed to put one piece of luggage in the trunk that weighs up to 100lbs. If you’re moving or traveling and need assistance transporting your luggage from point A to point B, this could save your life. One piece of luggage can be efficiently and easily shipped with your vehicle, but keep in mind that this is not covered by the carrier’s cargo insurance.

  • Long Delays: 

It’s a horrible situation: you’re stranded in a foreign country while your car is on the way and you have no idea how to navigate about it. You have no idea when it will come, and it ought to have arrived by now.

Fortunately, this situation is quite uncommon and frequently only occurs in nightmares.

Autoshippers give a precise estimate of how long it will take us to ship your car, and we make every effort to be as precise as we can in our predictions. You’ll be the first to learn if there are ever any delays. There have even been instances where cars have shown up sooner than expected. Getting your vehicle to you when you need it is our top priority.

5)For shipping cars, there is no sales tax to be paid.

There is good news when it comes to transferring your car, despite the fact that the costs of moving, traveling, and transporting your car might pile up. You won’t need to account for the cost of the sales tax since car shipment is a flat-rate service without it.

6)Too Much Hassle

Why would you want to transport your vehicle when you could just move to another country? Although the cost and organization may seem overwhelming, it’s actually not as bad as you imagine.

We are pleased to walk you through the entire procedure and break down the prices. As a result of the door-to-door service, you don’t even need to move an inch to transport your car to another nation. We’ll make sure we can provide you with the car you love with the least amount of worry because sometimes it’s worth having the comfort of something familiar with you as you navigate an unfamiliar place.

7) Long Journeys Cost Too Much

Despite the fact that it is a rather great trip to travel, shipping with us there need not be expensive. Actually, there are other expenses besides mileage while exporting a car. Depending on the container you choose to ship it in and the sort of vehicle you drive, the journey can be made more affordable.

In the long run, it can be more economical to ship your car farther.

How we help you ship your vehicles hassle free: Full schedule and shipment tracking is provided. We have the best partners Sallaum, Grimaldi lines to book your shipment with ease.

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