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Students Tend to cheat in online learning: In-depth Analysis

Why Are Students Tempted To Cheat In Online Learning?

Student life is the most sterling phase in the life of a man. This precious period is the most crucial time to build his career to be a successful person in the future course. Hence, students should utilise this vital time for optimum career development to make their life fruitful. Moreover, online learning has become an inseparable trend in the education arena in this sophisticated era of digitisation. As a consequence, more and more students are enrolling in online learning platforms, increasing the underserved events of cheating. This unpleasant trend of infidelity is in vogue and is surging rapidly.

Here an inevitable question arises, “why do students indulge in cheating”. It should not be wise and ethical to conclude that students are always prone to cheating. Indeed, some facts are behind this that instigate the students to indulge in online cheating for the profitable completion of their online assignments. This article will highlight some of the staple reasons that compel students to adopt unfair means of online education.

Lack of Efficacy in Specific Subjects:

In academic life, students have to take care of numerous subjects. It is a proven fact that a student can not gain expertise in all the subjects included in the education curriculum. There may be some subjects in which he may lack efficacy and expertise. Hence, doing assignment jobs for specific subjects may appear to him as a nightmare and haunt him day in and day out. Consequently, he may try to grab the opportunity of renowned online assistance platforms like CPM Homework Help to complete his academic assignments with flying colours. Such online educational assignment assistance platforms often provide genuine and quality assistance to students for the fruitful completion of their academic assignments with credit. 

Inadequate Time:

The most prevalent excuse students give for engaging in academic dishonesty is a lack of time. In his academic life, a student has to cover many phases like preparing for his daily education, attending classes, doing daily homework, going to tuition etc. Often doing academic assignments appears to them as an extra burden, and they can hardly manage time for that. Some often indulge in unfair means of completing their tasks at this stage. It may not be true that they are doing this willingly; they may be compelled to adopt such a path for completing the assignments without any hassle to remove the headache from their shoulders.

Excessive Overloading of Tasks:

Excessive academic tasks create a sufficient spark in the minds of the students for adopting unfair means for doing online academic assignments. Besides education, a student may have social and cultural engagements which they have to take ample care of. Spending ample time with friends and relatives is also essential in the life of a student. They cannot get alienated from their social life only for overloaded academic tasks and assignments. This may make their life gloomy. Hence, they take refuge in unfair means to get rid of the assignment burdens.

Financial Support To Family:

It is a burning issue for many students of higher classes, and it cannot be denied. It is an undeniable fact that not all students are born with golden spoons in their mouths. Not all students come from affluent families. Many of them are born into families where earning bread and butter appears to be a difficult job. Hence, students of such families have to undertake part-time jobs in order to support their families financially. They have to manage two-fold responsibilities, education and employment. Consequently, such students don’t get ample time to complete all the academic assignments. Hence, finding no other way out, they can grab unfair means for the completion of the educational projects. 

Requirement of Good Grade:

In this era of hyper-competition, there remain specific demands of good grades to prosper in life. Unfortunately, not all students possess ample expertise and efficacy or time to complete their academic projects and assignments fruitfully. Students claim that when they believe they won’t be able to complete the work successfully, they turn to academic dishonesty. Students who are afraid of failing or obtaining poor grades seek for unapproved assistance to tackle online learning systems like can canvas detect cheating for better grades.

Widespread Dishonesty in Every Field:

The corrupted socio-economic events also lay some negative impacts on the students. Often, it appears to the students that everyone around them is being dishonest or honesty is not ultimately rewarded. They frequently read about ethical issues in the news circulation and on social media platforms. Aside from that, they occasionally observe manifold students cheating and getting away with it. Students often cite their perception that “everyone does it” as their motivation for choosing to cheat in online learning. 

Lack of Confidence:

Lack of confidence in personal ability often persuades students to indulge in unfair means. Many students have ample capacity to compose their academic assignments fruitfully. But, the lack of confidence prevents them from attempting. The fear of obtaining poor grades in exams haunts them all the time. They consider that procuring or managing the projects by unfair means may assist them in gaining better grades, which may enrich their career. As a result, numerous students indulge in unfair means of completing their online tasks.

In a nutshell, cheating in online learning is not inherent in students. Yet, students cheat for manifold reasons. Some consider the academic assignments too boring or monotonous, some again don’t have time or confidence in their ability, whereas some students have to earn to support their families.


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