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Daily Sleeper navy maxi dress and other outfits: lightness, comfort, sophisticated design

The modern models of dresses amaze the customers with their variety. Some variants bet on the deep cleavage. Other outfits offer to demonstrate the elegance of the back and a straight posture. Some dresses are chosen to show the attractiveness of the legs.

However, few styles take into account the factor of comfortable wear. Daily Sleeper’s navy maxi dress is becoming a revolutionary exception to this trend. Want to see it for yourself? Welcome to the pages of Sleeper’s catalog!

Opening the veil of beauty wide

Sleeper is Ukraine’s most famous clothing brand, founded in 2014 by enterprising fashion editors Asya Varetsa and Kate Zubarieva. The highlight of the company, which became one of the leaders of the global fashion industry in a matter of months, was its approach to creating clothing. The basic idea was to create outfits, the comfort of which could be equaled the comfort of a bedroom set, with a unique and versatile design. Sleeper is about getting out of bed and, without changing clothes, going to work, for a walk with friends, or for a date in their amazingly comfortable clothes.

Of course, hardly anyone sleeps in luxury loungewear from Sleeper, fashionistas rush to show them off on all kinds of occasions. But the characteristics of comfort and practicality of the outfits can really compete with pajamas and nightgowns. And the navy maxi dress is one of the clearest proof of that.

A few words about the material

The Brigitte maxi dress is made of natural linen. And this fact already shows how much the company’s designers think about the comfort of women. After all, linen is distinguished by:

  • lightness, which will not allow you to get exhausted from the exhausting heat, even on the most extreme sunny day;
  • the pleasant tactile sensation, which eliminates the risk of skin irritations;
  • good breathability, thanks to which your body will breathe at every moment;
  • absorbency that allows you to forget the annoying and sticky drops of sweat on your skin;
  • the optimum density, which will not let your body overheat, but will not make the dress see-through.

Style and design

Of course, a lot depends on the material from which the dress is made. But the determining factor is the cut. And the loose fitting of the Daily Sleeper navy maxi dress adds a hundred points at once to the infinitely comfortable and stylish outfit.

The Brigitte dress is distinguished by its ankle length, which is a win-win combination with high heels or, for example, with Sleeper mules. However, the heel is not a dogma. With the same success, the dress can be completed with casual sandals of medium and low running or ballet flats.

Sleeper knows how to play with contrasts. Restraint navy blue linen dresses bottoms is harmoniously complemented by a flirty square neckline with ruffles and short sleeves-flaps, also decorated with ruffles.

A belt helps to accentuate the waist. And the neat mother of pearl buttons turns out to be a perfect solution for functional-adornment accessories, which will be perfectly complemented by gold earrings, a pendant, or a bracelet.

The range of colors will delight the demanding fashionistas with a wide choice. You can buy not only navy maxi dresses but also outfits in lime, with sunflower print or daisies on a white background.

Size Range

With the size range available for the Brigitte model, no fan of stylish and comfortable clothing will feel left out. The body-positive ideas of the modern and democratic brand are embodied in the XS-XXL size range.

Reasons to brag about the Brigitte dress

Like many Sleeper outfits, such as those featured in the linen loungewear category, the Brigitte dress literally sings a hymn of versatility. You can wear it:

  • to go shopping or for groceries;
  • for an evening walk in the cheerful company of friends or a loved one;
  • for the trip, where the freedom of movement is important, but pants or even shorts seem too hot;
  • for a picnic in the countryside in honor of the birthday of a relative or a friend.

Brigitte with its free cut, belt, and playful ruffles is the embodiment of freedom, usability, lightness, and tenderness, the combination of which in one outfit will not leave you indifferent.

Linen loungewear: how the category delights

Linen is too perfect for the warm season to be limited by dresses only. You’ll find many stylish and comfortable suits made of this lightweight, breathable fabric.


The set has appeared in the brand’s collection quite recently. Once again proves how creative fashion designers can be.

The top part of the suit is an elegant blazer with wavy lapels and voluminous shoulders. A summer blazer is a great option both for a cool morning and for an evening walk. Sleeves of 4/4 length will help to protect you from the cool night breeze and at the same time will not be burdensome hovering.

Shorts or pants complement the linen loungewear set. The latter have a length of 4/4, a high fit, and flared from the thigh cut.

Speaking of shades, you can choose from white, black, coral, and blue. And you can buy both a complete set and its separate components.

Atlanta suit

This set will definitely interest women who love flirty and fresh looks. The stretchy top delicately fits the silhouette. Its ruffled neckline is a symbol of unfading youth. And the billowing sleeves will create the impression of airy grace.

The bottom will please with exclusive harmony. The top is completed with short shorts with ruffles, which will not allow others to doubt your self-confidence.


Rumba linen suit. Source: lifestylebyps.com

Women who like ruffle trim will definitely be impressed with the range of linen lounge wear. The Rumba suit boasts ruffles on both the sleeves and the cuffs of the pants.

The pants in the set have a loose fit and are ankle-length. The top features full-length sleeves and a shirt-type collar. Fittings and stylish accessories include buttons and front ties.


The rich color palette and endless wearability are the unconditional advantages of this series.

  • The loose cut of pants and top in 4/4 format.
  • Shades of lemon, cream, white, sky-blue, navy, and other colors will allow you to pick up linen loungewear set for any phenotype and preferences.

How else will the famous fashion brand amaze you?

Popular Sleeper luxury loungewear is a variety of suits, dresses, swimwear, and shoes. Variations in design, cut, and colors do not prevent listed items from having common features – versatility and impressiveness.

Thus, one of the pearls of the brand is the navy blue linen dresses of the Atlanta collection. Luxurious color, spectacular flying sleeves with ruffles, stretch bodice, and perfectly supporting breasts, encourage you to buy this splendor not only for your own closet but also to please your best friend, mother, or beloved woman.

Designers also included bridal gowns. One of them could be a white maxi-dress Opera. Lace vertical insertion and sleeves to match will make you irresistible at your own celebration or marriage ceremony of a close person.

In addition to linen lounge wear suits, you may be interested in viscose sets. One of the original solutions is party pajamas, trimmed with removable feathers. In these outfits, you can go to the office, as well as on a carefree walk depending on whether you want to wear feathers.

Sleeper is not about the unsolvable riddles and questions of the fashion world, but about comprehensive answers to them.


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