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Unfortunately, injuries show up and there are a few moments of inattention whilst tea, coffee, or water is spilled at the computer. When this happens, it’s far horrific, however it isn’t always constantly horrific sufficient to motive overall harm in your computer.

Once you’ve poured something onto your computer, the primary factor you want to do is flip it off and dispose of the battery. After that, take a look at if the guarantee gives you restore in case of injuries. If so, don’t try and repair it yourself and get it to restore.

How much does it cost to restore a water-broken computer?

Most of the time, you have to now no longer spend extra than $one hundred ten for repairing a water-broken computer, at the same time as for the most inexpensive upkeep you’ll have to pay anywhere between $forty and $50.

This method usually, you to spend anywhere between $forty and $one hundred ten for repairing a water-broken computer, relying on the severity of the harm. Be organized to spend the very best feasible amount of cash if the motherboard of the computer is broken by some means. On the other hand, it’ll cost you the least amount possible to repair a few purposeful deterioration at the chipset or keyboard.

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The normal restore price might be significantly motivated by means of the emblem of the computer. For instance, you’ll have to pay an extra than $one hundred sixty in case you want to restore the motherboard of a MAC.

In the desk under you’ll discover the common repairing expenses of a water-broken computer for a number of the maximum famous manufacturers.

Not best of all, the charge of a brand new MAC or Apple computer is better than different manufacturers of computers, however the repairing expenses also are extra expensive. You should pay $seventy five to $ninety even for moderate harm at the keyboard of your Apple computer or MAC.

Expect to spend $one hundred sixty to $220 if the motherboard of your Apple computer or MAC is by some means broken and desires to be repaired.

Dell computer water harm restore price

In case your Dell computer is water-broken you should spend anywhere between $35 and $one hundred ten to restore it.

The price of the motherboard could be almost $105, at the same time as for a water-broken keyboard with a backlit keyboard you’ll have to pay anywhere between $35 and $60 to restore it.

Lenovo computer water harm repairing price

Water Damaged Laptop CostCompared to the Apple computer repairing expenses, for a Lenovo, you’ll spend less extensively. For instance, you may be capable of repairing the keyboard of a Lenovo computer that is broken due to spilled water for at best around $fifty five.

In case the motherboard is broken, you should spend anywhere between $sixty five and $140.

However, the common price to repair a water-broken Lenovo computer could be approximately $one hundred ten.

ASUS computer water harm restore price

Depending on whether or not your ASUS computer has a backlit keyboard or now no longer, it’ll cost anywhere between $35 and $60 to restore the water-broken keyboard.

In case the motherboard of an ASUS computer is water-broken, you’ll want to get everywhere between $sixty five and $one hundred ten from your pocket to repair it.

The normal price of repairing a water-broken ASUS computer could be everywhere between $35 and $one hundred ten.

HP computer water harm restore price

In general, HP laptops include an extra touchy motherboard and any touch with water will lead them to at risk of dropping their functionalities. As with every other laptop, any touch with water will generate a brief circuit and so the motherboard and different add-ons get broken.

If the keyboard of your water-broken computer has a backlit, you’ll have to pay around $fifty five to restore it, at the same time as for a keyboard with none backlit you’ll now no longer need to spend more than $forty five.

On the other hand, you’ll want to pay around $a hundred thirty to restore a motherboard that becomes broken through a brief circuit. The least possible amount of cash to repair a water-broken chipset or motherboard could be everywhere between $seventy five and $85.

So, the general price to restore a water-broken HP computer could begin at around $forty five and pass up to $a hundred thirty.


Accidentally leaking water onto your computer may be one of the most daunting experiences. The excellent answer on this regard, however, is to hold beverages as a way farfar from the computer as feasible and if injuries nonetheless show up, you should flow speedy and get in touch with a computer restore to make certain that your computer is repairable.

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