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What Is Blue World City

This is a housing development that was announced under the name Blue World City. It is situated near the Rawalpindi circle road. The project provides simple installment plans and reasonable costs to own plots in an extremely short period of time.

Blue World City is considered one of the most luxurious housing societies that was launched on the M2 Motorway in Islamabad. The housing project was developed with the help of the Blue Group of Companies (BGC). It is known for its collaboration with architects from around the world and will be the first purpose-built tourist city in Pakistan.

The Blue World City Waterfront District

Blue World City Islamabad is an exciting community that offers an enclave of tranquility, beauty, luxury, and entertainment. The Blue World City Waterfront Block is another significant project launched by the Blue Group of Companies in the capital city. The Waterfront area is a world-class location that offers top commercial and residential sites that are quiet and cutting-edge technology. The best part is that the WaterFront District is the most important part of the community itself since it’s situated two to four kilometers from the main entrance to the Blue World City’s Gate.

Blue World City Sports Valley is

Blue World City has just added a new block to their social component known as Sports Valley. We all know very well that Blue World City is the first designed and planned tourism society. The new Sports Valley block is also expected to become the largest and most advanced block in society.

The Sports Valley Block is going to be the most beautiful and captivating block in the modern world. The most iconic names in the world, such as the Cricket Stadium, the Villagio Mall, and the Torch Tower of Qatar, will be replicas built within the Sports Valley, just as the Burj Al Arab Dubai has been successfully constructed in society. The idea behind this Sports Valley is to promote tourism and to provide an opportunity to live a healthy life for those who would like to live an excellent healthy lifestyle within their reach. From sports stadiums to residential and commercial plots, residents of the community are set to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle inside this sports valley. Furthermore, society provides the best opportunities for the residents of the area to live the best lifestyle possible, including numerous options that were previously not available. It’s like a whole different world for the Pakistani citizen who lives locally as well as in Obrad to be able to have the best amenities while living in the midst of the world’s best architecture and historic buildings.


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