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AI vs Humans: Are Humans being replaced?

Ever since there has been a huge development in technology, we have seen the world shifting towards Artificial Technology, AI. In this concept, we have trained computers in such a way that they make our jobs a lot easier for us by learning from us and doing our jobs for us. However, the question is that is Artificial Intelligence making our jobs easier for us, or is it replacing us?

You can read up more on what Artificial Technology is on the internet but for that, you must ensure that you have a good internet connection. For that matter, we would suggest looking into Xfinity double play, which is a complete package to help you manage your internet and your TV service. Back to AI, here are some ways it might be replacing humans (or not).

AI and its use in the automobile industry

As most of us know well, AI has been incorporated into the automobile industry as well. This has become possible ever since Elon Musk created Tesla Motors. Tesla is known to have a very accurate autopilot mode in which the car can drive itself.

However, one should not completely rely on the car to drive itself since it can be a safety hazard. You should still have your hands on the wheel at all times so that you could avoid accidents. However, the point of interest is how self-driving cars have minimized the need for human drivers since they can drive themselves entirely on their own.

AI in online businesses

A lot of Artificial Intelligence has also been seen in online businesses and shopping. One such example is shopping assistants which have decreased the need for humans to help and suggest to you what should you be buying for yourself. Instead, the AI picks up on the algorithm and it can easily figure out what sort of taste you have when you are shopping. It then gives you suggestions for other products that you might be interested in.

Many companies have also been using chatbots instead of humans for customer support. These bots can figure out what your problem is and they give you possible solutions to your problems. However, if the problem is beyond the chatbot’s comprehension, then it may direct you to a human who might be able to help you out. Therefore, this is something in which AI has not overtaken human intelligence and it still more or less depends on human intelligence.

AI and the educational industry

AI has also been incorporated into the education sector and many students have been taking advantage of it. Not just students but teachers as well have been making use of artificial intelligence for the coursework that they prepare. AI can create content for students to study from and this includes interactive animations, videos, and images as well. There is software that can help teachers check and grade the materials that students hand in so that the process would be a lot easier for the teachers.

Students have also been making use of voice assistants so that the need for a teacher may be minimized. This way, students don’t have to read the material as well, they can use audiobooks or have the voice assistant read the material for them so that all they have to do is to take notes as they listen to the Artificial Intelligence talk to them.

Artificial Intelligence and Security for your devices

Many companies have been adding Artificial Intelligence to their devices for added security. One of the most common examples of Artificial Intelligence in devices is facial recognition, which is used in mobile phones, tablets, and some laptops. Even some home security systems use facial recognition. The software can recognize your face and map out your traits so that you would be granted access. Some of these devices also use infrared so that they could read your temperature because this became a necessity during the COVID period.

The latest iPhones have been using a highly accurate facial recognition system that can not only be used to unlock your phone but can also be used to lock some of your apps such as apps for mobile banking so that your phone would be as secure as possible.

Artificial Intelligence and its use in robotics

Remember watching iRobot with Will Smith in it? Let’s just say all of that is slowly coming true. Many robotics industries have been creating robots with deep learning so that they can learn human patterns and interact with them. Something even as small as a robotic vacuum cleaner can map out your entire house and can clean it on its own, without you having to pull it around and clean the house yourself.

Wrapping Up

These are some ways that AI has been incorporated into everyday life and there is always this fear that one day, Artificial Intelligence might become good enough to replace humans in everything.


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