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How To Add A Little Something Extra To Your Wedding Invites

A wedding invitation is the first step in setting the tone for your big day, so it’s important to put some thought into how each element will complement the others and your overall theme. Customizing and personalizing your wedding invitations with only a few details can wow your guests and get them in the mood for the big day. Inviting guests to a wedding should be a special occasion, and the finest invitations are ones that make the guests stop and take notice. But don’t worry; it’s not necessary to go into debt over it. For today’s roundup, we gathered 10 low-cost and easy ways to spruce up a standard invitation with a little bit of DIY.

Produce Your Own Custom Stamp

Do you have any experience with them? Stamps with your own design may be ordered, and you can put them to use either in the process of making your unique boho wedding invitations or in the process of setting your return address on the envelopes. Take a look at the myriad of unique customized stamps made of rubber that we found on basic invitations.

Tie a bow around it

Including a ribbon with your wedding invitation is not only a beautiful touch, but it also serves as a practical means of keeping the various components together, such as the RSVP card, travel information, and any other inserts you may be using. To give anything that little bit more pizzazz, attach a tag.

Punching Out Imaginative Borders

You may use a special punch or stamp cutter to create decorative corners and borders for your pretty wedding invites. Craft shops and the internet both offer them in a wide range of sizes and styles. It’s simple to use; all you need is some patience, a flat surface, and a steady hand (avoiding fatigue will help you get better results).

Use elegant Calligraphy for all of your Invitation Addressing Needs.

Even though it’s been a while since you took a cursive lesson in elementary school, if you really want your invites to stand out, you should start by addressing them correctly (not in your usual sloppy handwriting!). To improve your calligraphy skills, try taking a class or reading a do-it-yourself guide online. Put your newfound abilities to use by writing out elegant invitations and addressing the envelopes with style.

Toss in a Watercolor Wash

Making basic wedding invitations and printing them on watercolor paper is a quick and easy method to mimic the gorgeous watercolor invites you see on Pinterest. Apply a gorgeous watercolor wash for a high-end artistic impact. If you use too much water color, your paper may warp. Getting experience is the key to success.

Secure with Tags and Twine

To give your wedding invites a really one-of-a-kind look and feel, think about personalizing kraft paper tags and stringing them on with twine for a country-themed event. It serves the same purpose as the ribbon in that it maintains the integrity of the envelope’s contents by holding them in one location.


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