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What Are Good Wood Deck Designs?

You might have asked a deck contractor near you to build a deck in your home instead of a patio. What’s next? It’s time to think about outdoor deck design concepts that will transform your project from a rough draft on a napkin into a functional outdoor living area.

Suitable Deck Designs

Decks can be attached to a house or left alone. Softwoods, tropical hardwoods, synthetic woods, and pressure-treated lumber are all acceptable decking materials. The style of deck you want, such as a wraparound or pool deck, its size, form, and even the way the wood is laid out, are other considerations. Additionally, decks could need engineering, a layout, building department permission, and more. Sundeck Solutions is one of the best deck builders in Calgary and offers all deck building services.

Here are some examples of wooden deck designs for your outdoor.

1. Balcony-Style Deck with a View

Placing the deck in a location that offers a fantastic view is one of the most crucial factors to consider when designing an outdoor deck. This balcony-style deck effectively utilizes its environment as it sits atop a hill overlooking a river. The terrace is uncomplicated, cozy, and focused entirely on that beautiful vista. A deck that is such height needs railings for safety. Deck railing companies near you will ensure safety while designing the deck.

2. Deck with a Pool and Hot Tub

Decking that it is all on one level might help create a cohesive area around a pool and hot tub. The hot tub is recessed into the deck in this area to create a neat and uncluttered appearance. In addition, the deck’s shape complements the house’s design. It is accessible from numerous areas and melds perfectly with the interior levels. If you live in Calgary or neighborhoods, you can contact Sundeck Solutions, the best deck designing company in Calgary.

3. Raise the Bar

Build a bar with multiple uses outside a covered deck. Use wooden boards that complement the style of the existing structure and attach them to the internal ledge to make the bar blend in with its surroundings while offering a unique spin on the standard.

4. Pretty Pergola

Although an outside deck is a welcome addition to any house, adding a pergola can make it into a regal retreat. The pressure-treated wood used for this do-it-yourself version is painted sleek ivory for a traditional finish that gives outdoor events a classy touch.

5. Beauty of Paint

You may still provide the impression of grandeur even if your deck is only a small size. The deck can appear larger and more coherent with a fresh coat of paint that closely matches the exterior of your house, making it appear more like an extension of the house rather than a large add-on. The deck railing companies near you will also paint the deck on demand.

6. Wide Deck Steps

There are several benefits to building a deck with wide, large steps instead of one flat surface. The wide steps on a wood deck offer more space for outdoor seats and are made more comfortable by large square pillows. Additionally, they might make wonderful planter displays because the varying step heights give the plants a tier-like appearance.

7. Dining on the Deck

Many people like to eat on their balconies outside. Additionally, there are a few things to consider when designing the area. Make sure you have adequate space for the dining table you want before anything else. While individuals are seated at the table, there should be enough room for someone to move around it. Also, consider whether you’ll need an umbrella or other type of overhang to provide shade from the sun and other elements. Got enough space and want to build a deck? Contact a deck railing company near you and turn your dream into reality.

8. Deck with a Fire Pit

The time you spend on your deck shouldn’t be restricted to the summer. The use of your deck can be extended by adding a fire pit, even when the nighttime temperatures start to drop. Whether you’re spending time alone or with visitors, it will provide some coziness and foster a tranquil environment. Additionally, the fire will produce some dramatic illumination for those times at night when you don’t want harsh light.

9. Detached Deck

Although connecting decks to the house is customary, it’s not always needed. In your yard, detached decks can serve as a focal point. They also provide great flexibility regarding where and how they are used. This deck offers a great appearance and a somewhat different from the ordinary outdoor experience because it surrounds a lush garden pond. A detached alternative may be the best choice if your home is constructed of unsuitable material or lacks the necessary support structures to install a deck.


There are many options for deck building in your outdoor. Discuss your budget, area, and expectations with a deck contractor near you and choose a design that meets your budget and seems more charming to you.


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