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A quick and comprehensive guide on bunion bandage

Watching a model walking the ramp can be an envious factor for you. The simple reason is the occurrence of bunion in your feet.

It can be caused due to your family history where flat foot structure is present across all your generations, or foot injury, or if you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Whatever the reason, the pain that you feel from such a bunion can be very disturbing. A fine non-surgical way of dealing with this problem is the usage of a bunion bandage.

Signs of bunions 

Well, simply using such a brace without actually knowing its effect will not benefit you. You need to look out for the signs that call for applying this bandage.

If you feel too much pain while bending your big toe, it indicates a bunion. If you find it difficult to wear your daily shoes or presence of corns, or hammertoes, or feel numb in your big toe you should immediately use a bunion brace as a precaution for further damage to your toe.

Detecting bunion

This is vital as you might not know the exact reason for your toe pain. You can consult your doctor and get an X-ray of your toe to check the bone alignment and the joint of your toe.

After a careful inspection and analysis of the report, your health care expert can suggest you try the bunion bandage.

Points to look at before purchasing such brace

Many sellers will provide you with this brace. But you should pay attention to these factors before purchasing it.

  • Whether you are treating your crooked toe, or have bunions, wear a comfortable brace made of breathable fabric. It will allow proper airflow to your feet so that the condition does not worsen.
  • Make sure the bunion bandage fits your foot size so that you can conveniently wear it all day in your room without feeling the pain.
  • The bandage should have a protective cushion to ease the pain, and the brace should be able to correct your bunion.
  • The presence of a soft cushion, pad, and straps will provide the requisite support to your feet so that further pain from the bunion does not make your feet numb.
  • Finally, check if two pieces of such bandages are being sold by the seller. In many cases, only one piece is provided, making it difficult for customers like you to manage it with one piece, especially if the problem is present in both.


It is the best part of a bunion brace. It is completely affordable and the cheapest way to treat your bunion. If you opt for surgery, you will require sufficient time for recovery, and also have to shell out good amount for the operation.

Whereas, by using this bandage, you can treat the bunion at home and even wear it to your office without taking leave from your work for a long time, unlike the former.

Hence, this piece of information can act as your guide before you think of wearing a bunion bandage.


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