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How to Become a Pharmacy Assistant

How do you become a Pharmacy Assistant and what are your duties? Many are asking this question. In this case, this professional figure does not fall within the branch of medicine and pharmaceuticals but represents a support figure very similar to the role of a clerk and can actively participate in the sale of drugs and products for which a prescription is not required. medical.

How do you enter a profession of this type and how much does a Pharmacy Assistant earn? What requirements must be met? Find out more in this dedicated guide!

How do you become a pharmacy assistant?

You can become a pharmacy assistant by enrolling in the right training in various institutions. ABM College is one institution that offers the pharmacy assistant course online. This is a super flexible program that will help you become the best in this field.

Fundamental Requirements

Among the basic requirements of a Pharmacy Assistant are:

  • attention to detail
  • flexibility of schedules
  • communication skills
  • teamwork and problem-solving skills
  • management skills of classification and display of over-the-counter products and the management of goods arriving in the warehouse

How much do you earn as a pharmacy assistant?

The average salary of a pharmacy assistant is about $38,461 per year. This may depend on the level of expertise or the facility one is working in.

The roles of a pharmacy assistant

The pharmacy assistant carries out very diversified activities, which do not require precise knowledge of pharmacology, under the control and responsibility of a pharmacist. In the pharmacy, you manage the assortment, recommend and sell medicines, health items, diet products, baby products, beauty and body care products. They also carry out laboratory and administrative work.

Manage Pharmaceutical Products

Manages the entire assortment of products for sale in the pharmacy: medicines, natural remedies, chemicals, health items, baby food, cosmetic and body care products, home care products, and more, depending on the specialty of the workshop. They also check the stock daily and place orders for products and various medicaments from manufacturers or wholesalers.

Inspecting and Labeling Medical Supplies

Upon arrival of the goods, a pharmacy assistant checks them, applies the labels with the indication of the price on the package, and places the products on the shelves or in the drawers of the pharmacy.

Welcoming Customers

In the pharmacy, they welcome customers, advise and sell various products. Based on the recipes, a pharmacy assistant prepares the medicines and indicates the dosage prescribed by the doctor on the labels that he applies to the individual packages, then enters the data into the computer and, after verification by the pharmacist, delivers the medicines to the customers.

Customer Advice

Within the limits of their skills, they advise customers and give the necessary explanations, therefore he has a good knowledge of the various products, medicines, and substances. They must also be able to know their own limits of competence and in case of complex requests, they turn to the pharmacist.

Office Tasks

He also performs various office jobs: he draws up business letters and invoices, takes care of postal items, updates, and manages the files of customers, insurance companies, suppliers, etc.

Stock management, invoicing and various administrative tasks are generally carried out with computer systems.


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