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What is a Cluster Piercing?

Cluster piercing is a recent trend in piercings and multiple earrings.

This is when multiple piercings in a small area are done, creating a symmetrical shape or geometric. You can do cluster piercings with sterling silver stud earrings and hoops.

There are many styles for cluster piercings. The number of piercings you can have can range from a few to more than 20. You can do cluster piercings in any shape you like, including a square, triangle, square or other. There are many options!

It is important to research and find a trusted piercer who has experience in this type of piercing if you are considering a cluster piercing. It is important to have a good aftercare plan since multiple piercings can lead to infection. You’ll enjoy your cluster piercings for many years if you take good care of them and treat them with respect.

Cluster piercing inspiration:

The most common style of cluster piercing is the constellations. These piercings can be done in a symmetrical manner that looks like stars in a constellation.

The geometric shape is another popular type of cluster piercings. It can be anything, from a triangle or square to a star and hexagon. To create a simple image, multiple lines or circles can be joined over many piercings.

Another popular option is the astrological signs. You can choose from a simple line that represents the zodiac sign or a more complex design with multiple piercings.

You can also do cluster piercings in random patterns. This can be achieved with a few piercings along a single line, or with several piercings at different parts of the ears. This style is often used to accent other piercings. This is a fun way to share memories and show your unique personality.

How to store clusters of piercings

There are many ways to store cluster piercings, but it is important that they remain clean and dry. You should also avoid harsh chemicals and fragrances.

You can track every part of your piercings by keeping them in a jewelry case in the same pattern. You might consider purchasing multiple smaller jewelry boxes if you have many piercings. Each area will be stored in its own compartment. This will prevent you from losing parts of the cluster and mixing them up.

Also, it is important to be careful when removing clusters. You should be able to make each piece of jewelry individually so that you don’t mix them. Avoid pulling or tugging on the piercings when taking off the jewelry.

Can I sleep with cluster piercings?

Cluster piercings can make it difficult to sleep. You need to ensure that they are dry and clean. You should also avoid putting pressure on the piercings when you sleep.

A soft cotton scarf or headband can be worn over cluster piercings to help you sleep. They will stay in place and won’t move as much. Also, ensure that your headband/scarf is clean and dry to avoid bacteria from getting into the piercings.

A soft pillowcase is another way to sleep with cluster-piercings. The soft material will cushion the piercings, and keep them from being moved or bumped. It is important to wash and dry your pillowcase to prevent bacteria from getting into the piercings.

Cluster piercings are a great way for you to show your style and personality. You can find a huge selection of cluster piercings at the online store.


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