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Study Abroad in Singapore: Recommended Majors in Universities

Want to study in Singapore but don’t know what major to choose? Look here! This article has compiled the most popular majors in Singapore for everyone, you can use it as a reference.

1. Accounting and Finance

Accounting and finance majors have always been popular in Singapore, which has a strong business atmosphere. The major of finance studies the laws of motion in modern financial institutions, financial markets, and the entire financial economy. The main research directions are monetary banking, financial economics (including international finance, financial theory), investment, insurance, corporate finance. All walks of life have demand for accounting talents, so the supply and demand of the talent market is booming, and the employment rate is rising steadily.

Program recommendation

  • Nanyang Business School – MSc Finance
  • Nanyang Business School – MSc Accountancy
  • Nanyang Business School – MSc Financial Engineering
  • Nanyang Business School-NTU-Peking University Master of Finance (Chinese and English)

2. IT, information

High salary, no overtime, good benefits, you can buy a house after a few months of work… In Singapore, programmers are such a “dream job”. Singapore’s homegrown tech startup scene has exploded over the past few years. Not only American giants such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc. have settled in, but traditional financial industries such as DBS Bank and OCBC Bank have also developed in the direction of financial technology. Singapore has set up its headquarters, and there are also many influential unicorn companies, such as Garena, Grab, Lazada, Carousell and so on. With the development of the technology field, the demand for IT talents naturally increases day by day.

Program recommendation

  • School of Computer Science and Engineering – Master of Science Artificial Intelligence
  • Jinhui School of Communication and Information – Master of Information Systems (MSc Information Systems)

3. Logistics Management

Singapore has the world’s largest re-export port and is the world’s container distribution center. Many large logistics companies have set up their headquarters here, such as Alibaba. Therefore, the demand for senior logistics and supply chain management talents is also increasing. So the graduation prospects of this major are very promising, and there are many employment opportunities. The average annual salary of logistics specialists in the industry is 40,000 Singapore dollars, and the average annual salary after promotion can reach 100,000 Singapore dollars.

Program recommendation:

School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering – Master of Supply Chain and Logistics Management (MSc Supply Chain & Logistics)

4. Mass media

The media industry is the fastest growing industry in the world today. Newspapers, television, Internet, multimedia industry, radio stations, government public relations spokespersons, and film and television production companies all have a great demand for media graduates. In addition, Singapore is an information center in the Asia-Pacific region, and its professional direction involves a wide range of fields, such as digital TV, Internet, and multimedia.

Program recommendation:

Jinhui School of Communication and Information – Master of Media & Communication

5. Education

Singapore itself is a country that attaches great importance to education, just like FamilyTutor, so the development prospects of its education major after graduation are also quite good. If you want to work easily, after graduation, you can engage in the planning and editing of educational books in publishing houses and newspapers; you can also enter the school to become a teaching staff, but the requirements for academic qualifications are high, mainly masters and doctorates; training institutions are also the direction that education graduates can find employment, and employment is relatively easy.

Program recommendation:

  • National Institute of Education – Master of Education
  • National Institute of Education – Master of Teaching
  • National Institute of Education – Master of Arts (Educational Management)

That’s all for 5 recommended majors to study in Singapore. You can choose the suitable major based on your needs or interests. If you want to find more majors or programs in Singapore, you can search via Course Finder, a powerful course search tool.


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