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Do online whiteboards support collaboration?

An online whiteboard may be a browser or app-based digital whiteboard. In simple words, if you have noticed a physical whiteboard in your meeting room, imagine a whiteboard on your computer screen.

An online whiteboard is a shared digital workspace that offers real-time collaboration. Irrespective of where the workers are sited, what the time is, a group of employees and clients can share and contribute their input in one place together. It is all about doing teamwork live. So, now you can wipe out the hurdles of remote working with your fingers.

In most cases, the collaborative whiteboard is used for brainstorming. Several online whiteboards have the same functions as physical ones, along with drawing, sticky notes, writing, and commenting features. Online whiteboards work great with audio and video conferencing and enhance collaboration opportunities in your digital meetings.


As per Gartner, 80% of the workforce used collaboration tools in 2021. With the hybrid teams working, cloud-based work has gained pace, and unsurprisingly collaboration tools have taken the lead to help teams to perform their best. And online whiteboards are just one of the many collaboration tools available for tools.

Here are some reasons why online whiteboards aid collaboration:

  • They offer a chance for interactive sharing, learning and engagement

Interacting and collaborating with colleagues may appear impossible in a virtual platform, but it need not be. Online whiteboards are highly recommended for interactive learning and offer all attendees a chance to engage in real-time. As per an article, learning in an office is simple for employees using collaboration tools and positively impacts their productivity. So, now you no longer have to host virtual meetings decked with distractions, rather boost engagement and participation through interactive sessions using a whiteboard.

  • Easy setup, cost-effective and easy-to-use

While in-person whiteboards are important, they need preparation, and right from ordering stationery to set the meeting room, you need to plan and prepare. The online collaborative whiteboard is simple to set up and doesn’t need any time to prepare and plan. It is quite inexpensive and simple to manage.

  • Use visuals to express yourself and simplify tough things

Visual leaders receive better graphics, images and maps, which means they will definitely find online collaborative whiteboards valuable. Even the most complex ideas can be simplified using visuals. Whiteboards are incredibly useful for storyboarding.

  • Brainstorming sessions are quite rewarding

Brainstorming enhances your workplace efficiency and yields amazing results. As per Forbes, preparing your team with data before the session can boost collaboration and better ideation amongst members. Raise the standards of your brainstorming beyond digital meetings and add visual and interactive stuff to your meetings to develop better ideas.

  • Real-time collaboration

Of course, you know this. A digital whiteboard aids real-time collaboration. It allows every participant to participate in the meeting and generate excellent results.

  • They can react to notes
  • Get all information in one place
  • Make notes, click pictures
  • Share your perspective on the meeting

So, overall digital whiteboards are a remarkable tool for virtual teams and remote workforces’ collaboration and should definitely be integrated as soon as possible.




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