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5 Best Ways to Improve the Quality of Live Stream That You Need To Know Today

From gaming to vlogs, reviewing a product, or unveiling travel adventures, streaming content on the internet has become a great adventure. Almost everyone is indulging in it since it’s one amazing way of attracting an online audience.

However, streaming live is tougher than it sounds. Posting a recorded stream makes it easier to remove any bloopers, amend quality and sound and do so much more tweaking. However, going live takes precision as well as requires users to follow some measures for ensuring its quality.

That is why we’re here to illustrate the 5 best ways that a streamer can use to improve the overall quality of their stream. These are tried and tested methods, and will surely help in improving the overall stream experience. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

1.    Acquiring a Strong Internet

One of the best things about fast internet is that it doesn’t disappoint and you don’t face hassles of any sort while carrying out online activities. That is why you need to get your hands on fast-speed internet so that your streaming quality doesn’t disrupt at all.

Although there are a few choices that you can consider, we recommend you click over here to check out internet plans from Windstream. It’s one of the best internet providers in the US and offers outstanding services that one can surely rely on.

Once you have strong internet, you can re-run your streaming preferences to check if there’s any improvement over before. However, we also recommend evaluating your preferences in terms of the online activities you’ll be carrying out so that you choose the right internet plan accordingly.

2.    Optimizing CDN

There has to be a way to distribute content over networks, and for that, a CDN works the best. A content Delivery Network or a CDN is a system of proxy servers used for content distribution over different networks spread globally.

Stream hosting platforms such as Twitch have high-end CDNs so that content can be accessible to different viewers all over the globe. In other words, a CDN is important for streaming content globally in a way that viewers can access it without any restrictions.

Well, if you’re streaming live, then you must use a CDN too since you would want your stream to be accessible globally. In addition, you should also focus on the quality of the CDN that is available and should go for the one according to your streaming needs and your budget.

3.    Optimizing Streaming Resolution

Most streamers think that going for high-end streaming will be optimal since viewers will get to see HD content, ultimately having a good experience. However, certain factors should be considered in this matter.

For starters, the higher the resolution of your stream, the higher the amount of stress that will be induced over your device/ machine as well as on your internet. Your device will need to be built with high-end tech so that it can cater to high-resolution streaming needs. Plus, your internet speed and data will be consumed in a greater amount.

Next, going live with such kind of streaming quality will put immense pressure on calibrating the overall process. For instance, if you’re gaming, you really need to ensure your device and the internet is sufficient enough for it.

Furthermore, the platform you’re streaming on will need calibration too. Most platforms don’t allow high-resolution content because it won’t be accessible to everyone since not everyone enjoys good speed internet or have unlimited data.

Considering what has been discussed above, you must calibrate the resolution of your streaming content. You can go for 720p, which will be enough to stream as well as enough for viewers to run too.

4.    Choosing the Right Platform

When choosing the right kind of streaming resolution, you must choose the right platform too. Why? Because some platforms allow streaming in certain streaming quality, monetize the channel, and offer certain perks.

However, the concept of OVP or Online Video Platform is something that you should be concerned about when streaming live. In addition to what is offered to the users, some sites don’t allow certain functions/ actions such as not offering encoder settings, not having a robust CDN, etc. Make sure you don’t go for the one that doesn’t suit your needs.

5.    Optimizing Video Encoder

Apart from that, you also need to ensure that the video encoder you’re using is offering the right functionality. A video encoder allows optimizing the video quality of your stream for the platform you’re supposed to stream on.

That is why when you’re streaming, you need to ensure that your video encoder is working properly and offering the right functionality. In addition, you also need to evaluate the functionality before choosing a video encoder for yourself.

Several encoders of various kinds are present in the market and picking the right one can be hard if you’re not versed in it. However, do a little research into it and you’ll be able to find the right one for sure.

Closing Thoughts

Well, there you have it! We saw some amazing ways that you can use to improve your live streaming experience. So, make sure to implement them into your streaming activity and do note the improvements to see what you’ve been missing for so long.


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