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7 Reasons for investing in real estate Cyprus

Owning a home in the sun can be your dream which you might think is unaffordable on your part. But wait. You should give it a second thought to it.

Investing in real estate Cyprus will be ideal for you especially if you are planning to settle in Cyprus or obtain a Cyprus passport. In either case, you will be in a win-win situation.

Even buying an apartment or villa for vacation will also be a good investment decision on your part.

Features that make real estate Cyprus so popular

Presently, the real estate market is gradually taking the front seat in Cyprus. You can consider investing in this industry for the attractive opportunities it provides. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. The prices of real estate Cyprusproperties are often stable compared to the international market. Moreover, it is a clone of the UK, because driving on the left and legal procedures here are almost similar to the UK.
  2. Investment in an apartment located near the beach can be profitable for you for mainly two reasons. One, you can enjoy your vacation with your family there. Two, since it will be left alone all the time after your holiday, you can rent it out to earn some extra bugs while away.
  3. These days the apartment comes well equipped with granite tiles, air conditioners in all bedrooms, and proper cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. All these make it more attractive and save your time as well for getting it decorated and furnished.

Even customization of flooring and tiles is allowed by the developers during the construction phase of your apartment.

A communal pool, sun terraces, refreshment kiosks, and external cooking areas for barbeque are some of the noteworthy features which are provided by the developers.

  1. Moreover, any capital gains from your property purchase or sale are tax-free for 17 years in Cyprus. This is another ideal reason for your funding in real estate syndicate investing The weather in Cyprus is more charismatic since it has a perfect blend of both ice and warmth. The beach apartment if chosen by you can be the most suitable place for your summers with 320 days of sunshine. Whereas, the mountains will be the appropriate spot for to ski during the period December to March.
  2. Another positive aspect of investing here is that you can easily transfer your funds out of Cyprus to any EU member country. Even you can bring in funds easily from EU member countries to purchase any property in Cyprus.
  3. The safety provided by the Government here and regular strict vigilance conducted also make it suitable for outsiders like you to invest here.
  4. Apart from these, owning a property of a minimum of 2 million euros will also help you to secure a Cyprus passport and citizenship here. You can be the owner of dual citizenship and can roam about the whole of Europe freely without any visa.

So, the complete picture of investing in real estate Cyprus is not only alluring but also tempting, proving it to be more valuable to you.


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