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Types of Frame Colors That You Should Consider Buying

For someone who is looking for a new set of glasses, the color of the frames is its most important aspect. How do you choose the right color frame? Are red eye glass frames the right hue for you? Should you just keep buying black eyeglasses? Listed below are the color types of eyeglasses frames that you can purchase for yourself.

Eyeglass Color | Black, White, Red Eye Glass Frames & More

Best frames for eye color

When it comes to choosing the right frame for your eye color, the question that you have to ask yourself is this: do you want to stand out, or do you want to blend in?

For those who have brown eyes, you can pick purple frames or red eye glass frames if you want your eyes to stand out. If you prefer a more neutral hue, you may want to buy black, brown, khaki, or tortoise frames. A color to avoid is yellow because they do not mix well.

Your eyes will be very noticeable for frames that are colored purple or blue. Tans, tortoises, and metallic frames are also great for hazel eyes. You should avoid pink or red eye frames because these colors take the attention away from the eyes.

Pastel colors are awesome for green eyes. You can pick brown, blue, or tan colors. Other options for you include black, purple, orange, or red eye glass frames.

People who have blue eyes should also choose blue frames. If you prefer a more trendy frame, you can also pick yellow, orange, or pink eye glasses. Black frames also look nice on blue eyes.

You cannot choose your eyes but you can definitely choose your eye glass frame. Try any of the hues suggested and see which ones are good for your eye color.

Best frames for hair color

Although, you can wear contact lenses to change their color, technically, your eyes are still the same. The case is different with hair color. You can maintain your natural hair color or change it every time you feel like it. It is easy to replace your hair color. The same is true for your eye glass frame.

Let us base your eye glass frame on your current hair color. What is your hair tone?

In the color spectrum, the blonde hue is mostly on the lighter side. To create a nice contrast, you may want to pick a darker shade for your eye glass frames. You can choose the classic black, brown tortoise, or dark blue. Depending on your skin tone, you may also try to wear a peach or green eye frame.

You should avoid gold and yellow eye glasses for those who have cool tones.

If you have red hair, the best possible color of eyeglasses that you can have is green. They are great partners for each other because they are across one another in the color harmony wheel. Other options for you include red, reddish-brown, copper, gold, and tortoise. If you want to stay minimalist in your style, a black-eye glass frame will do.

Black color is one of the easiest hair colors to get a matching eye glass frame. You can go all out with a black frame. You can also pick a color from the other side of the spectrum. Red and yellow can also make your overall look stand out.

If you have gray or white hair, you have a lot of eye frames to choose from. Much like having black hair, you can pick white or black. Nice red eye glass frames also complement your hair color.

Best frames for skin color


Skin tone is basically three types- warm tone, cool tone, and neutral.

For people who have warm skin tones, you should get warm colors. The colors include gold, olive green, red, or light tortoise shells. Think of fall colors when choosing the right eye glass frame for you.

A black or brown eye glass frame will always be a staple if you want a more professional or minimalist look. Pastel colors, on the other hand, should be avoided.

People with cool skin tones should pick colors that complement their skin or face. Blue, silver, purple, and dark tortoise shell eyeglass frames suit winter skin tones. Rich black eye glass frames are also a good choice for cool skin tones.

If you have neutral skin tones, almost any color of eye glass frame will do.


You need to consider a lot of factors if you are going to buy a new eye glass frame. Have a self-check for a few minutes and list down your hair color, eye color, and skin tone. After evaluating yourself, you can now select the right eye glass for you. You can pick red eye glass frames, pastel color frames, black eyeglasses, or white spectacles. Be sure to consider our tips so that your face will look great as you wear your eyeglasses.


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