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How can I help my husband with erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is considered as a failure in achieving or maintaining the desired erection for allowing sexual intimacy. Estimates suggest that one in 10 males will suffer with erectile dysfunction in some way in his life. It is crucial to recognize that most of the time, ED is a symptom of a larger, more serious issue. ED isn’t thought to be normal at any time and can be connected with other conditions that hinder sexual interaction including the inability to desire or issues with ejaculation or orgasm. The drug works by dilation by opening blood vessels as well as arteries. It dilates blood vessels around the genitalia extremely well. The most common examples of this medication include Generic Viagra, Cialis, and Tadalafil Vidalista20. They’re pretty comparable.Psychosocial factors can contribute to ED like Best Treat drug Cenforce 100 home and at work financial concerns deadlines, moving, and depression. There are medical reasons too like hypertension, cholesterol levels and diabetes, as well as low levels of thyroid hormone.

What is the process of erection?

It’s a complex interplay between the circulatory and nervous systems. The nervous system is responsible for getting things moving, and blood flows into the penis while the draining veins get constrained so that blood doesn’t simply flow out. All these things should be done in order for getting the desired results.

The reason this could happen is if you suffer from medical issues like high blood pressure and high cholesterol and arteries that narrow or problems Solution on drug Fildena 100 Generic Viagra  with the nervous system.

What are the various causes of erectile dysfunction problems?

These include:

  • Vascular illness: The blood flow to the penis may be restricted or narrowed due to the effects of vascular disorders, like atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).
  • Neurological conditions (such as MS): Nerves that transmit signals to the penis may become damaged by diabetes, stroke, or any other reason.
  • Psychological states: This includes anxiety, depression, absence of stimulation from the brain, and anxiety about performance.
  • Trauma: A trauma could contribute to the signs of ED.

Certain medications, chronic illnesses as well as a condition known as Peyronie’s Disease can cause ED. Bladder, prostate or colon cancer operations might also contribute to the erectile dysfunction cause.

Does it become common for a woman to ask her physician regarding her spouse’s ED?

There are women who have come to me to talk about it. Sexuality is a crucial aspect of an enduring relationship. The issue of sexual harassment is a problem for any couple who wants to maintain a normal sexual performance.

When should my husband or I see the doctor regarding ED?

ED can be a significant indicator of other health problems. So, any person who is experiencing problems should consult a physician.

There are many studies that shows that person suffering from erectile dysfunction are at high risk of developing heart problems. This is why telling your primary care physician be aware of the issue is a vital first step. In the event of an issue of structural or physical nature related to the penis or there is a previous history of surgery or radiation an appointment with an Urologist might be beneficial.

What effect does ED affect couples?

In the same way, restoration functions can create huge positive changes.

Let’s discuss options for treatment.

The most useful treatment for erectile dysfunction is the usage of ED drugs that are basically designed to treat blood pressure. It was found that men participating in blood pressure clinical trials had excellent erections!

Your physician may suggest “risk factors” that can be improved or changed.

If possible you make some modifications in your eating habits, quit smoking, indulge in doing exercise on daily basis or stop alcohol or drug intake. There may be alternatives to the medications that you are taking.

For treating your emotional issues, your physician may recommend some treatment options for this. These issues may arise due to conflicts among couples, stress and depression in life or due to some anxiety issues that are associated with ED causes.

The below treatments can be used for treating ED directly.

Various ED Treatments

Firstly, non-invasive ED treatment is preferred over all other treatments. Most of the well-known ED treatment options are secure and effective. But, still it is suggested to have a discussion with your physician regarding the side effects associated with each treatment, which are:

  • Oral pills (phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors )
  • Vacuum Erection devices
  • Intraurethral medicine
  • The Testosterone Treatment (when low testosterone is found in blood tests)
  • Penile Injections or implants


  • Surgery to relieve the artery that causes damage to the penile for older men with an extensive history of pelvic trauma. Men in old age and having blocked arteries are not given advice on penile vascular surgery.


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