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Seven Things to Consider When Choosing your Event Venue

Finding a suitable venue for an event is a crucial organizational step before the upcoming event. The final choice should consider criteria such as the format of the event, the planned budget, and the maximum number of visitors.

Experts recommend booking a venue for an event about a couple of weeks or months before it starts, especially if we are talking about a grand event that will 100% take place. This period is optimal for carrying out the necessary preparatory work, determining intermediate deadlines, and conducting a marketing campaign.

  • Price

The cost of the event is the most significant indicator. Many companies budget a certain amount for events in advance. Subsequently, its increase is hardly welcomed by anyone. And in any case, few people want to overpay. After all, you still need to leave money for a concert program, food, drinks, etc. So analyzing the price is crucial to consider in finding a space for an event.

  • Location

When holding a corporate event, the venue should be selected as close as possible to the place of work. For a major event, where guests from different cities will gather, renting a room near the train station or airport is best. It is necessary to take care of maximum convenience and comfort for each visitor.

  • Capacity

It is necessary to determine in advance how many guests are expected at the event, provided that the entrance will not be by ticket. At the same time, the comfort and safety of guests should be a priority. In a hall designed for 300 seats, it is highly not recommended to accommodate 400 people.

  • Food and drink

This factor is essential, especially if the proposed event will continue for a long time. If the meeting is of a business nature, then you can get by with a standard buffet. If you need a huge selection of foods for a wedding, anniversary, or delightful corporate party, bulk food suppliers in Canada are the perfect option. They can offer fresh & frozen products including seafood, sweets, bakery goods, fruits, and vegetables.

  • Interior design

Particular attention should be paid to the atmosphere and design of the premises where the event will take place. The architecture of the building and interior decoration already express a particular idea, and ideally should be in harmony with the concept of the event. The rule works here: the less the interior and the site itself correspond to the ideology of the event, the more time and money you will spend on decorating them. Make sure the venue has proper a HVAC system with a digital thermostat in place to hold the right temperature for the guests.

  • Reverberation

Have you ever been to events where you have to shout over each other and make an effort to hear something? It’s all about room echo. Low ceilings create a cozy atmosphere. But, if the room is crowded, the noise level goes off the scale. Huge spaces will give an echo, and this problem must be solved.

  • Parking spaces

Many people ignore this criterion. Meanwhile, it affects the mood of your guests, the order of time, and the overall impression of the event. It is good if the building itself has underground parking that can be rented. Fixed parking at a reasonable distance from the event venue is also suitable. Imagine that you have an event for hundreds of people, and half of them will be in their cars. Street parking may not be able to accommodate this amount of vehicles.

The best venue for events

If you seriously want to hold events both live and use various means of touch, one of the best solutions are coworking spaces in New York. There you can control different kinds of meetings. In addition, communication with an invited person/group of people will be helpful or simply interesting to all those who happened to be at this event. Alternatively, hold business pieces of training and a variety of educational events. At the same time, not only for those who are currently present in the hall but also for hundreds of kilometers away online. At last, various thematic events are regularly held, where startups with ideas to implement and develop them meet with their future partners — those whose support makes it all possible.


By adhering to the factors listed above, which must be considered, you can easily choose the optimal venue for any event format. The final decision is yours anyway.


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