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Use Sunset Projection Halo Lamps for A Sunnier Disposition

It is always fun to capture that rich orange sunset hues on your phone. You will get the same glow from sunset projector lamps at any time of the day or even night. This is why these lamps have become so popular.

What are sunset projector lamps?

Halo lamps or sun projector lamps are small tabletop lamps with colorful LED bulbs fitted inside. When you switch it on, it casts a yellow-orange circular light all around the room. These are the kind of lamps that can give you the same color as the sunlight.

Users have noted that the sun-mimicking lamps help in combating the winter blues. They will create late-afternoon sunlight that does not seem to last long, especially during the winter months.You can adjust their circular head whether facing it on the wall, towards the ceiling, or down at the floor. Some halo lamps can also be programmed for displaying different colors for a trendy look.

Where to find sunset halo lamps?

Halo is born from the incessant optical research of Mandalaki which aims to combine art and technology. As a result,such kinds of halo lampscan perfectly fit in different environments. You will getaround 6289 Mandalaki halo lamp products on Alibaba.com which is an e-commerce and retail service platform for global wholesale trade.

The site has numerous suppliers of halo lamps selling modern, contemporary, and minimalist forms. You can chooseany number of halo lamps including warm white, soft warm white, neutral white, or even multiple colors.

Alibaba has been serving millions of buyers and suppliers all across the world. They enable to transform the businesses in the way they market, sell and operate while improving their efficiencies.

The site brings hundreds of millions of products in 40 main categories, which include consumer electronics, apparel, and machinery too.Buyers for these products are from more than 190 countries and regions. They keep exchanging messages with the suppliers either in English or the local language on the platform every day and remain in constant touch with each other.

Kinds of Halo lamps available

  • With basic sunset yellow, red, and white light.
  • Multicolor options.
  • Programmed with an app to emit any color.
  • With four color films that can be swapped manually.

What benefits do they provide?

You can turn it on when the sun is setting, to mimic the colors you would see out in nature. If you choose a halo lamp with multiple color options, you can change the morning with bright colors like blue, green,and white.

Sunset projection lamps are said to curb the seasonal affective disorder symptoms (SAD) which happen when you feel gloomy because you are not getting enough sunlight. While such lamps have no proven health benefits, they make your place cool and happy. Researchers recommend using these lamps for a sunny disposition and remove gloominess

Halo lamps send a daytime signal to your brain which helps you to wake up early in the day, increasing your energy and even improving your mood during the day.

Fill your room with sun-kissed color at any time of the day with these nifty little halo lamps.


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