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The Swingers Symbol: What does it mean?

Some say it’s impossible to identify swingers publicly. If one swinger wants the other swinger to be attracted, they don’t need signs. Some people want to find out if the people they know are swingers. The symbol shared by the Swinger community can be used to attract potential partners. Even if they have had outside of their personal lives, it is not necessary that they will associate themselves with anyone. They will choose their partners as carefully as any other person. They may have a symbol that they use to contact other swingers. For example, an animated girl drawing. Let’s now discuss the symbols used by spot-swingers around the world.

1. Pampas grass

The symbol of Pampas grass is that it signifies that the property owner enjoys a lively lifestyle. This grass, whose scientific name is Cortaderia selloana works as the secret code mentioned above. Recent sales have shown a declining trend.

2. Pineapples

To conceal their identities and seek out partners, swingers send secret messages. Pineapples have been a symbol of warmth and open-mindedness for a long time. If the mailbox is kept on, it signifies that a swinger party has been ongoing. When it is turned upside down, it indicates that they are searching for one.

3. The Swing

Wearing black accessories, such as a bracelet or ring, is an indication that the wearer is swinging and trying to be open. Others may wear accessories back as fashion without understanding the meaning. Swingers are those who attach a symbol called “THE SWING” to their attachments in order to quickly identify other swingers, such as Diamond Painting France.

4. Black ring

To signify their swinging lifestyle, many people have a black ring on their right hand. They love this lifestyle. These signs can be used to identify other swingers within the community. It is helpful to look out for symbols such as this ring on your right hand at events and parties. If you are approached by someone wearing the black circle on your right side and they start talking, it is likely that they are interested in you. They will also recognize you as a fellow swinger.

5. Decoration

You can identify a swinger by looking for garden decorations or home decorations. To signify their openness to other swingers, swingers keep purple or white supplementations in the garden. These can also include pineapples. The person who is a garden gnome is also known as a swinger.

6. Hot tubs

Is there a hot tub in your garden? A swinger mindset can also be reflected in the presence of a hot tube in your garden. A swinger mindset can also be identified by the fact that they don’t open their garage doors. Only when they are inside the car and their garage door is closed.

7. Wristbands

Swingers can also choose to have their wristbands personalised to reflect their lifestyle interests. The wristbands have a symbol on them. It is sometimes difficult to identify the symbol.


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