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How To Dress For Your Body Type

Dressing for your body type can be frustrating when you don’t know what to look for. All of us are unique and feel confident in different clothes. While we all want to take part in dressing in the latest trends, sometimes, what’s in fashion is not practical for us. That is more than okay! It means that you get to create your own fashionable looks that are as unique as you are. Read on to become familiar with dressing for your body type! Taking the time to determine what feels right is essential to loving yourself.

Consider Your Needs

Depending on your body shape, different clothes may feel more comfortable than others. Some prefer high-waisted jeans, and others are all about the low-rise. You know your body best, so be willing to try different clothes to figure out what works the best for your body type.

Consider your needs and identify the variations of tops and bottoms that work most for your body shape. For example, if you have a small frame and are not very tall, you might consider shopping in the petites section to find clothes that are more accommodating to your figure.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Depending on what an average day looks like for you, your clothes might need to lean towards functionality, professionalism, or comfort. If you know you like to work out in the morning before heading to the office, you might want to find workout-workwear combinations that are now popular outfit collections in mainstream fashion.

If you work from home and like to stay comfortable, looking for casual workwear might be ideal. Whatever aspects of your lifestyle influence your clothing choices, be sure to consider your body type along the way.

Do you prefer mid-length or ankle-length leggings? Do you need a comfort-flex shoe or something more form-fitting? You’ll need to make these considerations if you want to dress for your body type and develop a positive body image.

The Materials You Like

Consider the materials you like and how your body responds best to different materials. Some might sweat more wearing nylon workout pants than others, for example. Body temperature baselines also play a role in the clothing materials that work for some people and don’t work for others.

Consider the materials that make your body feel good, not what’s on the runway. Some of us wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything other than our favorite brand of jeans. Others prefer to keep it cozy and wear cotton sweats most of the time.

Where Flexibility Matters

Sometimes, we must tweak the best clothes to fit perfectly. You might find that a pair of pants fit perfectly, but are too long! Or perhaps a top is too large on the chest, but you like how it fits on your arms. In these cases, it is important to value your body type and get your clothes tailored to fit you properly.

It’s unrealistic to assume that something you find on a retail store shelf will fit you perfectly without needing any alterations. We are all unique and have different bodies. Honor yours and do what you have to do to feel confident in the clothes that you wear!

The Bottom Line

Dressing for your body type is about honoring your shape and working with the clothes that feel the best to you. Body confidence is about loving yourself and how your body looks, wherever you are in the journey of self-improvement. Consider the suggestions above as you work to create a wardrobe that is tailored to your unique body type.  


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