HomenewsWedding Season Is Upon Us: Top Outfits Options for You

Wedding Season Is Upon Us: Top Outfits Options for You

Weddings are the ultimate celebration of love and there seems to be one around us every week. The wedding season never seems to run out, it’s merely a question of when you have one to attend. In keeping with the never ending wedding season, we asked, what are the best outfits for a wedding currently? Even though you may not be the one getting married, it doesn’t mean you can’t look your best,and maybe even still the show. With that being said, let’s take a look at the top wedding outfits for you this wedding season.

Not White

Unless you’re looking to stir up some trouble, then you can’t wear white to a wedding. White is reserved for the bride and as long as it is her day, then you shouldn’t be looking to interrupt it with a white dress. You have the option of using white addons like shoes and boutonnieres if necessary. The important thing is to ensure that your outfit isn’t white, but anything else can be without causing any major issues. Anything else is acceptable, and with so many colors available, you aren’t going to be limited when choosing.

The wedding dress code

If the wedding has a dress code, then your outfit choice is a no brainer. Wedding dress codes are usually reserved for family or active participants, but that shouldn’t stop you, even if you aren’t in either category. You can always blend in with family and stay out of the way, looking stunning in familiar colors. You will however, want to avoid wearing the colors of the active participants like bridesmaids, lest you be mistaken for one. If you aren’t sure of the dress code, it doesn’t hurt to go casual, as that is sure to fit in and look classy anywhere. Be sure to keep it minimal, especially if you don’t want to draw too much attention. Simply matching the colors should be sufficient, no need to go overboard with the styles as well.

Seasonal Dresses

Seasonal dresses are always a safe bet, as you are sure to look good, and still be in keeping with a few other people around. With seasonal dresses, you probably won’t have to do any last minute shopping, as you will probably already have something in that line. Whether it’s the summer, with summer dresses, or something with layers to give you extra padding in the winter, it is sure to be in keeping with the season. You simply have to pick a style you like, and roll with it, and you are sure to be a hit at the wedding in question.

Alternative Dresses

There is usually an over emphasis on wearing dresses such as gowns but those aren’t the only options that can stand out or look fashionable. If you don’t feel like a gown, preferring a jumpsuit or trousers, then why not go for it. You may find that opting for alternative dresses may prove to be the best option available, as opposed to fitting in with a dress you may not be comfortable with. On the plus side, alternative dresses will afford you greater freedom , especially if you need to move about during the wedding. Once you can match your clothes and shoes, then you are good to go.

Classy Outfits

Classy is a fancy way of saying, dress appropriately for the wedding. The key thing to note here isn’t colors, but rather, the amount of skin on display. Weddings are supposed to be fun events, but too much skin can draw the wrong kind of attention towards you. Whether the dress code for the wedding is casual, or formal, too much skin will likely be unnecessary. With the rigors of a festive wedding, you are sure to be sitting and standing a lot, and a conservarive dress will surely be best for such a scenario. Avoid shorts, mini shirts and short gowns, anything that seemingly puts you on display. It doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt beautiful ssets, simply keep them to a minimum.


Weddings are always a beautiful affair, and everyone, whether guest or participant, is always looking to stun. With wedding seasons seemingly unending, the wedding outfit trend is always necessary. To help you be your absolute best, we have compiled a list of acceptable outfits choices for any wedding.


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