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Seven Ways Video Producers Can Get Motivated—And Stay Motivated

You’ve probably heard about video producers more than once, but most likely, you did not fully understand what this person is doing. In different areas, the producer’s responsibilities vary depending on the specifics of the project. Producers are responsible for providing the necessary organisational, technical, financial, and legal support. These specialists allow people involved only in the creative process to do their creative work. Most of the producers’ cases remain behind the scenes, but their contribution to the project is invaluable. After all, they create a safe space for dreamers to realise.

The dangers that lie in wait

Stress is entirely every day because the video producer works on tight deadlines in this profession. Stress is superimposed on irritability since partners or clients do not answer calls at a time when they are badly needed. Minor inconveniences can hurt the result, and you feel like you did a poor job. If a person is serious about their business, more than one sleepless night can go by thinking about mistakes. The result is a lack of sleep. A tight schedule, lack of sleep, and dissatisfaction with the outcome can lead to burnout. For this reason, you should work on building up an effective self-care routine. Think about working out and using different gym equipment starting from dumbbells to spinning bikes. Once you start keeping up with your training, your sleep schedule will get better as well.

The benefits of rest

It has long been a proven fact: a well-rested person who has been on vacation is more motivated and starts work with great zeal than a physically and mentally tired person who spends days and nights at work and stubbornly tries to fulfil everything the video producer has conceived. And this is not surprising because a person desperately needs rest to restart all life systems. This is a kind of recharging of internal resources. A producer needs a couple of weeks of vacation, in order to completely take a break from official duties, miss new projects, and take on work with renewed vigour. Engaging in outdoor activities could make you relax and take your mind off. For instance, enjoying the afternoon breeze with your beach cruiser electric bike could make you appreciate your time alone and motivate you to further work on your dreams.

Ways video producers can stay motivated

Motivation is what pushes you to achieve personal and professional goals while at the same time giving you a sense of satisfaction with your results and improving your quality of life. It’s no secret that motivated video producers are more organised and have more time management and self-reflection skills.

  1. Record small victories. Record everything you succeed in, praise yourself, “collect” your achievements and successes. This allows you to get out of the feeling, “I can’t produce a video, I’m turning as a squirrel in a wheel, and the result is zero.” A few days of self-observation – and you will see that your efforts are not in vain, and the results are.
  2. Use an artificial deadline. This is one of the most popular motivation techniques. People noticed that tasks managed to get ten times more than usual before the due date. Therefore, you can set a deadline for producing a video a few days before the end of the project or break the task into small steps, each with its deadline.
  3. Get inspired. Have you come across the fact that after meeting with an interesting person, you seemed to grow wings, you want to start working in this direction immediately? Each video area has its stars, charismatic leaders looking at whom you feel elated. Who can serve as such a leader for you? Where can you chat with him or hear/watch his performance?
  4. Take small steps. We are intimidated by too large and complex video production tasks. They are like a mountain that cannot be moved. The best way to deal with large tasks is to break them down into small subtasks. The finer the crushing, the easier it is to approach. A small job is easy to handle: it brings a quick victory.
  5. Scheduling your day is another excellent way to tune in to a task and get a boost of motivation: Schedule short work periods, and include essential rest time in your plan. When tasks are structured and broken down into steps, they require less emotional effort.
  6. Focus. Work on one task in one working period – multitasking is unnerving, postpones the result, lengthens the time for each job. As a result, if you are working on two video projects simultaneously, you will not be good at doing either one or the other.
  7. Announce plans publicly. Today, the easiest way to do this is through social networks, which every successful video producer has. Or tell your friends and colleagues about your plans. In this case, it will be more difficult for you not to complete them. The reluctance to feel uncomfortable about giving up will be an additional incentive to work on the task.

Final word

As a producer in the video industry, a person will develop efficiency parameters for himself. For some, the most significant indicator of success is the response from many people. It is essential that videos change something, inspire people and provide the necessary information. Therefore, one of the most critical performance criteria is audience size, the number of people who stay with you. Thousands of reviews on the platform will inspire you to new feats – this is something worth working for.


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