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10 Tips For Your Next Walking Holiday

Considering a walking holiday this year? Here are some tips to enjoy your next one.

  1. Prep For It

You’ll want to purchase your boots as early as you can. This will give you plenty of time to figure out whether or not they fit. You want to buy them larger than normal. After all, your feet will swell not only while walking but also while being in the heat. You want to start wearing your new walking boots as early as you can according to this site. You need to break them in before you start going on long hikes. Try to wear them doing every activity. This will help ensure you break them in sufficiently for your walking holiday.

  1. Practice Peeing

You need to start practicing going pee outdoors. This can be very uncomfortable for those that haven’t done so yet. The first time you go out to pee outdoors, you may find yourself panicking. Try to pee outdoors to get yourself used to it because that’s what you’ll be doing a lot.

  1. Pack Light

You want to pack things that can be easily taken out of your bag and thrown on. This means avoiding any shirts or gear that will require ironing. When packing, roll everything. Rolling can help you save a lot of space in your bag. Try to bring enough for wearing two socks per day. You also want to bring other things you’ll need like your passport, a journal, visa, and insurance. Other than that, don’t try to overpack.

  1. Plasters

These are essential to bring with you. Don’t forget them. If they aren’t essential for you, they can be excellent to use to trade for other gear you need.

  1. Plastered

You don’t want to drink when you are going on a walking holiday. While it may be tempting, try to avoid it. When you drink too much, you can quickly get dehydrated. You don’t want to be dehydrated when you are out doing a lot of exercise. Go to bed early and avoid drinking late if you are going to be consuming a lot of alcohol.

  1. Walking Poles

These items can be excellent additions. Walking poles will give you more leverage. This can help you walk around much easier and it will help to lighten the load a little bit. This can be especially good for those that have bad knees, shorter legs, or bad hips.

  1. Hydration

You want to try to drink as much water as possible. While the water may not taste the greatest, you need to force yourself to drink enough. Hydration is key to keeping yourself going during your trip.

  1. People

You will find a lot of people along the way that will make your trip memorable. However, there is always at least one that will make it less exciting. Try to avoid them to keep them from ruining your day.

  1. Prevention

You want to keep an eye out for signs of dehydration. This is one of the main things you need to avoid when you are on your trip. Some clear signs of being dehydrated are a flushed face and red ears. You can always bring a neck scarf and pour cold water on it to keep you from overheating.

  1. Pause

Always give yourself plenty of time to take a break if needed. Simply stopping for a moment to appreciate the beauty surrounding you can help give you a break and allow you to reflect on the experience.

You will find a lot of different reviews on this site of some of the best walking holidays you can enjoy. Lake District breaks are a great place to start. You will also find key travel tips that you can use to improve your next walking holiday.


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