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Useful Tips To Sleep Cooler In Any Season

Your body needs a slightly cool temperature (lesser than the body’s average temperature) to get good sleep. Some people who have naturally warm bodies experience night sweats. They find it very hard to get proper sleep. This problem becomes worse in the summer months.

Thus, the need to sleep cool becomes a priority to get a restful and uninterrupted sleep. In addition to considering mattresses that are infused with cooling materials, you can also follow a few tips to sleep cooler all around the year.

Prefer Bedding In Cotton Material

A majority of the best online mattress is made with cotton material. Do you know why? This is because cotton is a natural fabric that is known for its remarkable air circulation ability. It helps improve breathability and keeps you cool during sleep.

This material is not just lightweight and soft but also offers remarkable ventilation. Due to these benefits, people who feel hot during sleep should use bedding of cotton material.

Loosen up yourself

In addition to using cotton-based beddings, wear light in weight and light-colored cotton clothes during sleep. Such clothes are great at kicking out moisture and facilitating air movement. Thus, if you notice reduces incidents of night sweats that what you used to experience before.

Use Cooling Packs

Another important tip that can make your sleep cooler is to put a few ice packs or cold compresses on the neck, ankles, groin, pulse points of the wrists, elbows, and the area behind the knees. These are the places that will react to coolness quickly and help you sink into sleep mode easily, if you don’t feel it’s time to replace your mattress with a cooler one.

Switch Off Blue Light-Emitting Devices

Blue light is one of the key reasons that can disrupt your sleep. It increases alertness so the body takes more time to fall asleep. These devices also generate heat that can cause you trouble while sleeping. If you have a habit of using devices before sleep, then it is time to change your habit.

You should switch off all of these devices an hour before going to sleep. It will help your body prepare itself to get into sleep mode. Reducing their use won’t just improve your sleep but also lower your electricity consumption.

Spread Yourself

It has been seen that sleeping in curled fashion can make you feel hot more easily than when you sleep with your legs and arms in a spread-out fashion. Try it and notice the difference.

Get A Shower

If you want a cool and peaceful sleep then make a habit of taking a lukewarm shower before you go to sleep. How does this work? It will bring down the temperature of your body and keep you cool during sleep.

Adequate Hydration

Drinking water is one of the best ways to keep your body hydrated. So, along with trying all of these external things, do ensure you cool your body internally via hydration.

How Do Blue Light-Filtering Glasses Help Improve Sleep?

A lot of electronic gadgets that we use today emit blue light. This light suppresses the secretion of melatonin in the body. This makes it hard to fall asleep. Some of the commonly used blue light-emitting devices are:

  • Smartphones
  • Television
  • Tablets
  • Computer screens
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Energy-efficient LED lights, and
  • E-book devices

One of the ways to reduce exposure to blue light is by using blue-light filtering devices. It is seen to be an effective, practical, convenient-to-implement solution that helps improve sleep quality and work productivity of people.

Research has shown that when companies implemented blue light filtering screens and glasses on the systems, it helped employees and the company in the following ways:

  • Improved work engagement
  • Identifying good ideas
  • Cultivation of leadership qualities
  • Ethical behavior
  • improved work and sleep outcomes

Available at a low price, these devices offer a substantial return that makes them a remarkably fruitful investment. In addition to these filtering glasses, smart bulbs and night mode settings can all also help save the circadian rhythm from this light.


For better mental and physical health, it is important to give priority to getting good sleep. Reducing the factors that disturb sleep like blue light devices, and encouraging the use of sleep-promoting materials will help promote deep sleep. Using blue light filtering devices, and implementing the above tips will surely improve your sleep quality.


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