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Why do you need to hire a robocall lawyer in Florida? 

As a consumer, you have the right to know everything about a product or a service. You can ask for any information regarding any product or service directly from the company. But sometimes you might get disturbed by unwanted calls or texts. These calls and texts are getting stored in the computer system and getting channelized by robots. In other words, robocalls are the responsible ones for sending you unnecessary texts and calls.  Robocall lawyer Florida will fight your case regarding these unwanted calls and texts.

You will be glad to know that you can sue these robocalls by following some rules and protocols. You may also be aware that a case regarding these robocalls has been won and the petitioner has received a large amount of money as compensation for that case.

What steps can you take if you receive unwanted texts or calls?

First, you need to know that a company can send you a few texts and even multiple calls regarding their product and services. This will come under their marketing strategy. You cannot generally complain about that. Besides this, some other rules have been applied to the service-providing companies to follow when they make calls and texts.

In the following circumstances, you need to register to hire a robocall lawyer Florida.

  • If you received a call on your number that you have not given to any party, especially for loan-related purposes. Receiving calls in that number will be counted as an offense and you have the right to register a case under this.
  • As per rules, any of the companies registered in Florida can call you only after 8 AM and they will not call you after 8 PM as well. If any chance, they have called you before and after that prescribed hour then you have the right to hire a robocall lawyer Florida.
  • These companies can call you only if their respective representatives are on call. They cannot send any of the artificial voices to the customers under any circumstances.
  • If you get a call from a company more than three times in a row then you have the right to go with a robocall lawyer Florida.

 Are robocalls banned in Florida?

The answer to this question is a NO. They are not banned in Florida. As per the law of the state, any automated call cannot be sent to any of the consumers without their consent. This means you can still take the help of robocalls to make calls to your customers if you are a company. What you have to do is just take their permission before trying to make some calls. This rule is equally applicable to the texts also.

What option do you have to stop these calls?

Besides hiring professional support, you can dial the government-prescribed numbers to register your complaints. Added to this, you can also file your complaint online. It will be suggested that you should take professional legal help for this.


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