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Mood-Uplifting Foods for Father’s Day 

They are so versatile that they can be boiled, like chips, a perfectly made salad, a sweet potato chaat, etc. And potatoes contains resistant starches, which are proven to be beneficial for everyone’s gut health. But one would question, how much resistart starch per day is needed to be healthy? Well, leave it to the scientists, as long as we take in foods that have it then it’s all good.

Father’s Day is around the corner, and it is time we start prepping to surprise our fathers and appreciate what he has done for us throughout the years. Let your dad feel pampered and cherished by having heavenly food, and if any of the dishes are made by you, it will be more than perfect for your dad.

There are plenty of foods that can instantly uplift the mood. Let’s look at some ideas and start prepping for the special day.

Tantalising Cake!

Cakes are proven to uplift your mood with their sweet, velvety texture and creamy frosting. Any form of Father’s Day cake or desserts, such as cupcakes, jar cakes, pastries, brownies and muffins, is enough to make your spirits go into a trance of happiness. Order a heavenly cake for your father to let him drown in the love pool. You can also get it customised and have a photo printed on it, or a photo pull up cake will be a perfect trendy choice. You can also have a personalised designer fondant cake for Father’s Day.

Toothsome Chocolates!

The late in chocolate is for you as a reminder not to get late in getting a perfect bouquet of chocolates for your father. It is scientifically proven that consuming dark chocolate will lead to a healthy, stress-free lifestyle. Dark chocolate is also considered beneficial for the heart. Consuming chocolates will not only uplift the mood but provide instant energy. Dark chocolates are advised as they are rich in cocoa and have less sugar. Give your dad a bouquet of different chocolates, and let him enjoy his special day in ecstasy!

Coffee Caffeine!

Coffee is another mood uplifter in the feel-good foods collection. Caffeine works as a stimulant and instantly removes tiredness, improving and boosting the spirits. This Father’s Day, you can get a box of different flavoured coffee boxes such as hazelnut coffee, mocha coffee etc. bring this bundle of immense joy, a coffee hamper, to your dad and witness him enjoy the freshly brewed cup of coffee the next day.

Sweet Potatoes!

Yesssss. They are not only just regular potato substitutes but also have a positive, uplifting effect on our brains. They are rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6, vitamin c etc. they are also rich in fibre. They are so versatile that they can be boiled, like chips, a perfectly made salad, a sweet potato chaat etc. This Father’s Day, before or even after dinner, you can enjoy this tasty and healthy food as a tea snack and evening supper fiesta.

Juicy Salmon!

Salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and is perfectly fit for the heart. It is a mood uplifter and keeps you happy because of omega-3 and hence will be a good food option for Father’s Day. With online culinary videos help, even you can make a lip-smacking dish and surprise your father with your culinary skills. Let your dad feel happy and complete at the same time by having this delicious dish that you have specially made for him this Father’s Day.

We should always keep our spirits high despite the challenges and difficulties we face during the day. And what better way is there to make that happen apart from food! (we wish you could hear us scream the word Food) Father’s day is one such occasion where we can pour our hearts out into the preparations for the man who has been doing more than everything he could for his kids.

Father’s Day is that special day whose necessity was observed by one Sonora Dodd. Thanks to her for letting us all appreciate our fathers’ actions, love, sacrifices, and struggles. Make your dad feel appreciated and loved, and do not forget to tag a message card with your heartfelt feelings written on it.


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