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Where Peaches is in The New Ice Age Movie: Why she’s not In Buck Wild

Ellie emphasizes the importance of family in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild but she doesn’t mention her daughter Peaches.

While The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild explores new territory for this franchise, the character Peaches is oddly absent. Manny and Ellie’s child Peaches first appeared in the Ice Age movies after Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Each subsequent film saw her grow up more and lead to her marriage to Julian in Ice Age, Collison Course. She and other characters are absent in the Disney+ latest addition The Ice Age Adventures Buck Wild.

Buck Wild moves the focus away from the stars in the previous Ice Age movies, when Ellie’s adopted brothers Crash and Eddie decide to embark on their own adventure. Ellie is terrified by their departure because they are her only true family and the most important thing she has in her life. To underline its importance, Buck Wild opens with Ellie telling Manny how they built their misfit herd. She does not mention her daughter Peaches in , the Disney+ movie.

The truth about Peaches’ disappearance in Buck Wild can be found at the conclusion of Collision course. This is when Julian and Peaches married and apparently went off on their way as they intended. Peaches’ absence in Buck Wild could simply be because she moved with her husband to begin a new life. The newlyweds needed time to be alone and discover who they were apart from their extended families. This is ironically similar with the journey Crash and Eddie take in Buck Wild, where they find out who they are and separate from Ellie. Peaches and Julian are likely to return for the Ice Age7 movie. At which point, they will be able to tell audiences what they have been doing since Collision course.

It’s a spinoff so the leads of the main Ice Age films (Manny and Ellie and Diego) only appear as supporting characters in T the Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild where they are searching for Eddie and Crash. Brooke, Shira and Julian are also missing. It is quite surprising that Manny and Ellie never discuss their daughter, despite the movie emphasizing the importance of family. It’s possible that the writers decided it was not worth confusing the audience by referring to Peaches story. Crash, Eddie and Buck were supposed to be the main characters in Buck. But it’s still odd that no one mentions where she might be.

It makes sense that Peaches wouldn’t be traveling with her parents or the rest of her herd in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild. However, it is still surprising that she is not mentioned in the movie. Manny and Ellie are probably trying to deal with their daughter’s departure, which may have helped explain why Ellie is reluctant to separate from Crash or Eddie. She would want to keep her remaining family close, even though her daughter is gone. Although the film didn’t mention Peaches, it was a surprise. Ice Age7 will make up the difference.


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